Park Jin Young Is Back With An Addictive Music “Fever” And A Concert

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JYP is back with an enslaving music!

JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin Young is up for a comeback in December. Announced on JY Entertainment’s official social media accounts, J.Y. Park will release his new song titled “Fever”. Also, the official music video will be released on November 30th followed by its music release on December 1st.

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#JYP #박진영 #JYPark #JYP_FEVER #조여정 #ChoYeoJeong #박진영콘서트_NO.1X50 #JYParkCONCERT_NO.1X50 11월 30일 6PM MV, 12월 1일 6PM 음원 공개! Cute, sexy, hot, adorable, 그 와중에 comedy까지…조여정씨의 매력에 스탭들이 다 쓰러진 촬영현장이었습니다. 기대하셔도 좋습니다. 상상 이상일 것입니다^^ 신곡 Fever는 20세기 초 맨해튼의 Cotton Club과 같은 극장식당, 보드빌(Vaudeville)쇼를 현대적으로 재해석한 것입니다! 12월에 하는 제 콘서트 'NO.1×50' 설명은 내일~♡ Nov. 30th 6PM MV, Dec. 1st 6PM music release! Cho Yeo Jeong, her endless attractions slayed all the staff on the set. Cute, sexy, hot, adorable, and on top of that her hilarious comedy… Get ready because it'll beat your imaginations 🙂 The new song 'Fever' is a modern reinterpretation of the early 20C vaudeville shows that took place in such places like 'Cotton Club' in Manhattan. I'll explain my new concert tour 'NO.1×50' tommorrow~♡

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Furthermore, his first teaser with actress Cho Yeo Jeong inside a half-opened elevator door gained so much attention. Adding up to the people’s curiosity, the two showed strange looks that somehow made the image teaser looked like a movie poster.

Alongside how good “Fever” music is, Cho Yeo Jeong shared that she accepted to be part of the music video to show a new side of her with Park Jin Young. Likewise, Park revealed that he saw Cho in her movie Parasite the night he finished his new song. Thereby, he decided to call her immediately and ask her to appear on his latest music video.

Additionally, J. Y. Park has gained a lot of attention as he has the best female stars and surprisingly good chemistry with them in his music videos. From Lee So Ra of “Elevator”, Ko So Young of “Honey”, Lee Na Young of “Kiss Me”, Kim Gyu Ri of “음음음” and Kim Hye Soo of “Your House”, the women aptly dubbed as J. Y. Park’s muses have gained immense love from the public.


Penned and composed by Park himself, “Fever” is a song that dates back to the roots of his music. Inspired by the vaudeville shows, the track is a hip-hop genre infused to the show like Cotton Club in Manhattan. Aside from the song’s style, its choreography is the modern reinterpretation of vaudeville shows.

Subsequently, Park Jin Young gears up for a year-end concert tour starting on December 21. Titled J. Y. Park Concert No. 1 X 50, the act is designed to commemorate his fifty four no. 1 written songs. Above all, the tour is expected to reveal the stories and memories behind his No. 1 songs.

Having a walk through all his hit songs will be highlighted like “Don’t Leave Me”, “Proposal Song”, “She Was Pretty”, “Honey” and “I Have A Girlfriend”. Adding to that, the history behind g.o.d’s “Lies”, Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me”, 2PM’s “Again & Again”, Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl” and TWICE’s “What Is Love?” will also be featured.

Park Jin Young

J. Y. PARK CONCERT NO. 1 X 50 kicks off on December 21 6PM at the 5th floor of Daegu Exco Convention Hall. Following that is the Busan stop on the December 25, 5PM at Busan Sajik Indoor Stadium.

Finally, the last days of the concert will be held at Seoul Olympic Hall on December 28, 29 and 31 at 6PM, 5PM and 9:30PM respectively. 

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Image Credits: J. Y. Park Official Facebook