K-Drama Time Machine: “Dr. Romantic” Heals With Well-Depicted Characters Who Left Life-Affirming Lessons

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Three years ago, Dr. Romantic left a lingering imprint with its thought-provoking insights that career people can ponder on.

Headlined by renowned veteran actor Han Suk Kyu, the polished storytelling and remarkable portrayals earned applause from drama patrons, consequently nabbing awards in SBS year-end drama awards in 2016.

Dr. Romantic

Title: Dr. Romantic
Network: SBS
Theme: Drama, Medical
Length: 20 + 1 Special
Broadcast Date: 7 November 2016 – 16 January 2017
Main Leads: Han Suk Kyu, Yoo Yeon Seok, Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong
Highlights: Superb Screenplay, Remarkable Portrayals
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value:
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Quick Plot Roundup

Dr. Kim narrates the story of an amazing triple board certified surgeon, Boo Yong Joo, who shunned his life to a remote provincial hospital when he became a victim of politics in the big city hospital he worked before.

Taking a new identity as Teacher Kim, he met three young doctors with whom he inspired and nurtured to become righteous and skilled surgeons. However, his past came haunting him back as the villain who pinned the medical malpractice to him before was determined to destroy him fully so he can achieve his greedy aspirations as the CEO of the top hospital in Seoul.

A VIP patient though left his operation in the hands of Teacher Kim, and the almost not possible to survive surgery was nailed deftly by the genius surgeon and his team leading him to redeem his stolen and lost glory.

Dr. Romantic


Teacher-student relationships

The teacher-student relationship between Teacher Kim and his young surgeons was well-played in presenting their strengths and weaknesses through the furtive ill-fated links they had with each other. Adding as a bonus sassy insertion, the romantic plot perks the refreshing note after those thrilling and emotional surgical side stories wrap up.

Deserving the high ratings the drama achieved, Dr. Romantic delivered outstanding portrayals in a genre that is tricky and hard to be successful on. It will be hard not to like this drama because it knew well how to play with the audience mind and emotions in hooking them up till the very last episode.

Dr. Romantic

Han Suk Kyu

Han Suk Kyu is a well-respected actor, and this is one definite reason why he has that reputation. A perfect everyday drama to watch after work before you sleep, Dr. Kim will teach you love and life lessons taken from real life pain, bliss and experiences.

Series Afterthoughts

I admit I miss Gregory House and Teacher Kim is a sure reminder of my favorite doctor TV character, so I willingly jumped in his arms when the series was airing. He is eccentric and yet brilliant; calculating and yet warm-hearted. He battled through the career sabotage that he had and emerged victorious through it all.

I have not seen a lot of nicely done medical dramas in K-Dramaland so I did not set my hopes high when I was watching Dr. Romantic. I am glad that the story progressed along with polished and make-sense connections of the surgeries showcased. The characters’ stories moved well with the main conflict and provided resolutions to each character’s established problem whilst achieving the climactic bounce back from the focal conflict.

It flaunts a cohering plot to the characters’ individual stories. Additionally, it did not overwhelm with the medical cases inserted to the narrative. That has been the frequent error of Korean medical-themed dramas, bombarding the plot with surgeries and resolving the conflict with still – surgeries.

Definitely not the case for Dr. Romantic which vaunted insightful lessons that specifically people who experienced slump in their lives can relate to. At the same time, it provides resounding encouragement for its life and love lessons.

If medical drama is your cup of tea, consider adding this amazing series on your watch list.

Dr. Romantic is streamed on Netflix.

Image Credit: SBS

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