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First Official Trailer For ‘Bride Of The Water God’ Released

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Nam Joo Hyuk makes his on-screen return in new drama ‘Bride of the Water God’.

The first official trailer for the much anticipated K-Drama ‘Bride of the Water God’ was released on May 31.

‘Bride of the Water God’ is based on the hugely popular web comic ‘Habaekui Shinboo’ written by Yoon Mi-Kyung. It has been adapted for the screen by Jung Yoon-jung, writer of the dramas ‘Misaeng’, ‘Monstar’ and ‘Arang and the Magistrate’.

Directed by Kim Byung Soo, the storyline will see the characters relocated to modern day Seoul.

Nam Joo-Hyuk

Nam Joo-Hyuk returns in Bride of the Water God Source: Nam Joo-Hyuk Facebook Page

Fan-favourite Nam Joo-Hyuk plays the lead role of Ha Baek, who is the reincarnation of a water god alongside Shin Se-Kyung, who plays So-Ah, a neuropsychiatrist with her own practice, but is saddled with mountains of debt.

The plot of the drama revolves around villagers who are suffering through a prolonged period of drought. The God of Water Ha Baek can allow the rain if a young woman is sacrificed to him as his bride.

To help the villagers, So-Ah decides to become Ha Baek’s bride. When So-Ah finally meets Ha Baek, he turns out to be totally different from what she has expected.

Krystal from f(x) stars in Bride of the Water God Source: KDramaStars

The cast also features Krystal from f(x) as the goddess Hye-Ra, who has lived among human beings for hundreds of years. Because of her beauty, she becomes an actress. She has a one-sided love for Ha Baek, and dislikes So-ah.

‘Bride of the Water God’ is scheduled to air on tvN, every Monday and Tuesday, commencing on July 3.


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