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Nam Joo Hyuk to Bid Goodbye to ‘I’m Going to School’

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On March 24, Kim No Eun PD, who is in charge of JTBC’s I′m Going to School, revealed that model-actor Nam Joo Hyuk will be saying goodbye to the show to concentrate on his acting career.

The PD stated: “Starting with today′s recording, Nam Joo Hyuk will not be in the program. Because he′s been with I′m Going to School since episode 1, we′re very sad that he′s leaving.” His coming last broadcast will be included in the edition of Gwacheon Foreign Language High School.

Due to the departure of Nam Joo Hyuk, M.I.B’s Kangnam is now the only set celebrity cast on the show. With this, I’m Going to School has also invited various famous stars, including Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, Huh Gak, Jo Young Nam, Lee Ah Hyun, Red Velvet’s Seul Gi, SHINee’s Taemin, and Girl’s Day’s Yura, to join the program as guests, promising to bring a fresh image to the show.

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