WJSN To Hold “WJ STAND-BY” Fan Meeting In January

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The girls of WJSN will present their fans with special memories at the start of the new year through their fan meeting WJ STAND-BY.

The talented ladies of WJSN are preparing to spend some fun time with their fans in January 2022. The idols will hold a fan meeting where they will gift Ujung (fandom name) with good memories and smiles.

On November 15, Starship Entertainment said, “WJSN’s fan meeting WJ STAND-BY will be held at BlueSquare Mastercard Hall on January 15, 2022. It will be a time to put an energetic start to the upcoming 2022.”

Along with the news, the agency dropped a poster in which WJSN boasted different charms of the 10 members. The girls transformed into anchors, reporters, and production staff, mobilizing various filming equipment such as cameras, lighting, and slates.

After a long wait, WJ STAND-BY will allow artists and fans to meet and express their gratitude for the strong friendship between them. The members plan to fill the fan meeting with colorful stages and corners, while showing a genuine appearance.

WJSN is famous for its unrivaled concepts, presented through the group’s music. Some of the most famous tracks to date are “Secret”, “I Wish”, “Dreams Come True”, “Save Me, Save You”, “As You Wish” and “UNNATURAL”. The girls continue to grow as not just idols but artists and entertainers, as they expanded their scope to acting and variety shows.

WJSN’s WJ STAND-BY will take place twice, at 2 PM KST and 7 PM KST on January 15, 2022. Pre-purchase tickets for the fan club will open on December 2 at 8 PM KST. Regular tickets will be available exclusively through Interpark tickets on December 6 at 8 PM KST.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment

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