7 Things We Learnt About LUNAFLY; Win Autographed CD’s

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We dropped by LUNAFLY‘s studio while they were in the middle of writing and recording their new album and learnt a few new things about them.

1. On their plans for 2015

“Writing lots of songs in the studio and getting ready to release a Spanish album very, very soon. We already released two songs and it’s going to be probably a mini-album or a full album, we’re not too sure. And then we’re going, in April for a Latin American tour. It’s gone up in scale (compared to their last fan-raised concert), the concerts are going to be massive, we’re going to have a full band behind us and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

“We don’t know how many countries yet, we’re still sort of organising but hopefully it’s going to be a lot. There’s no other countries which have been confirmed yet but we’re always going somewhere. Next year, I would suggest pretty much very continent. We should do Asia first – so I’m thinking, we just went to Thailand but we’ll go again. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and then we’ll head to Japan and then drop by Australia.

2. On how lucky they feel to have fans fund-raising for their concerts

“We obviously feel very, very lucky because we have a very, and I mean to sound cheesy, special. They do work hard to bring us to their countries.”

3. On their favourite country so far

[Sam translating for Yun] “Brazil is a very far away country so it’s not a country you can go often but it was the first time he felt like he was in Latin America. We went to a beach in Brazil and people were playing beach football and we played football with the Brazilians. So it was like Brazil versus Korea/English. We did win and did Korea proud but we were dressed very nicely and the Brazillians were wearing tight speedos and were basically naked. You know how in football, you have to touch them in the game and I was very nervous in case I would touch something…”

4. Sam on rumours he practiced kissing with oranges

Sam: “[Laughing] Where did you pick this one up from? This was when I was doing my radio show, I remember! Do you know what, I thought it was a very normal thing.”

Have you done it Yun? “No.” Just you, Sam. 

Sam: “When I was 14, I was very strange and I looked at an orange and thought this would be good to practice but it was good practice.

“You have the orange and you cut the lips and inside it’s kind of soft.”

5. Sam on nagging the most in the group

“It because I’m a extreme perfectionist, if something is not perfect, it attacks my brain and it annoys me, especially when we’re making music. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. I don’t nag as much as I used to. It’s toned down a bit because it’s just me and Yun and when you have two people, you don’t have one person nagging too much.”

LUNAFLY takes a selfie with Phillip. Picture: Yun of LUNAFLY

LUNAFLY takes a selfie with Phillip. Picture: Yun of LUNAFLY

6. Yun on rumours he likes to date older women

[Sam translating for Yun] “They’re probably more right for him. It’s because he’s still young he likes the slightly older woman but when he gets older he might start liking younger women. At this age you go through changes.”

7. Their message to their fans

Sam: “We’re very grateful and thanful for all your support and we know you guys work extremely hard to support us and we’re very grateful. This year, big, big, big plans. We’re going to Latin America in April and hopefully other countries as well. So, please look forward to that and new music very soon.

Yun: “Me too”


LUNAFLY is preparing to release a new album this year. Picture: Rachel Lee

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Interview conducted by: Rachel Lee, Minyoung Lee and Phillip Kuoch

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