8 Times “HallyuPopFest 2018” Day 1 Hypes Up How K-Pop Festival Should Be Done

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A celebration of K-Pop fandom came true in the opening day of Hallyu Pop Fest 2018!

United by the love for K-pop, multitude of fans flocked to Singapore Indoor Stadium for the recent three-day event of HallyuPopFest 2018.

The inaugural music festival saw spectacular song and dance numbers from over 100 K-pop popular artists who graced the event.

HallyuPopFest 2018

From the prepared activity lineup and money-can’t-buy-I-saw-my-bias-moments, the kickoff day of HallyuPopFest 2018 sealed its claim of giving out a memorable festival for K-pop avid followers.

Organized by H.A.H. entertainment, the attendees of the festival were well-gifted with Red Carpet sessions, afternoon showcases, up-close engagements with the artists, and evening concerts. Global auditions were also held for aspiring K-pop performers.

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If that looks an amazing itinerary on paper, then you are right! Because it was a truly spectacular experience in real life.

Today, we will take you to the best moments of the first day of HallyuPopFest 2018 that left us feeling high – with a blast of K-pop energies from powerful performances of gugudan, Yu Seungwoo, VICTON, Apink, Huhgak, Eric Nam, MOMOLAND and Wanna One!

1. Afternoon Delights with Yu Seungwoo & gugudan.

Jung Sewoon and gugudan warmed up the opening day of the festival with “sweet & sultry” afternoon showcases. Jung crooned with melodic love songs he prepared for the onsite fans. A special proposal serenade had us all floating in cloud nine.

HallyuPopFest 2018

Girl group gugudan then followed up – with rhythmic song and dance numbers pumping up the energy of the cheering crowd.

Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Nayoung, Sejeong, Sally, Soyee, Mina and Hyeyeon enthused the live crowd, with a string of delights from their tracks “Chococo”, “The Boots”, and “Wonderland”.

HallyuPopFest 2018

2. Red Carpet Bliss

Making HallyuPopFest 2018 a special moment for fans was a chance for the crowd to welcome their idols on the red carpet.

The rain did not stop Singapore fans to pour out their support – by making the K-pop acts feel the warmth of the country through their loud cheers.

Check out some red carpet snippets below.


Awesome Evening Concert Stages

3. A Total Performer – Eric Nam!

Masterfully drawing the crowd to his music beats, Eric Nam commanded attention with his solid performances of his hit tracks “Potion”, “Don’t Call Me”, “Honestly” and “Can’t Help Myself”.

Not only did he win us with his amazing vocal prowess, his witty hosting had all of us chuckling as he threw in endearing humor for the onsite attendees.

HallyuPopFest 2018

4. Victorious Victon

A stage worth remembering! Victon did not disappoint in their sleek and synchronized dance moves, performing “Remember Me” to open their stage.

Time stopped while the raving fans sweetly blanked out in sweet bliss through the boys’ performances of “What Time Is It Now?” and “Blank”.

Afterwards, they slayed a dance cover of BTS’ “Go Go” before wrapping up their performance with electrifying performance of “Time of Sorrow”.

HallyuPopFest 2018

5. Welcome To MOMOLAND

Sprinting with bubbly rendition of “Welcome to Momoland”, “JJan! Koong! Kwang”, “Wonderful Love, “Freeze”, MOMOLAND hyped up the energy level of the already burning Hallyu Pop Fest 2018 evening concert.

Their “BBoom BBoom” and “Only One You” parade had us all feeling “BAAM” moments, enamored by MOMOLAND charm.

HallyuPopFest 2018

6. High Notes Of Huh Gak

One of South Korea’s best balladeers, Huh Gak did not go easy in flaunting his superb voice hitting high notes one after another with “Hello”, and “Please Don’t Forget Me”.

His collaboration with Apink’s Eunji brought the house down, with the perfect blending of their voices in “Short Hair”.

As if his healing rendition of “My Last Love” from the OST of MBC’s The Greatest Love was not enough, he had us awestruck with his limitless belting out in “As Always”.

HallyuPopFest 2018

7. Bright Hues of Apink

Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung slayed a string of their performances starting with “I’m So Sick”, “Alright”, “FIVE” and “Eyes”!

Roaring cheers and fan chants filled the stadium to the rafters when Apink strutted their classic song and dance moves in “Mr Chu”, “No No No” and “LUV”.

HallyuPopFest 2018

8. Boomerang Of Golden Performances By Wanna One

Crowning the spectacular first day of Hallyu Pop Fest 2018 was, no doubt, South Korea’s 2017 Best Rookie Group – Wanna One!

“Beautiful” is an understatement on their “Energetic” stages, which had the crowd sang in unison with their hit songs – “NEVER”, “Always”, and “Light”.

Dropping superb dance routines coupled with flawless vocal support, Wanna One sent us to a trampoline of sugar rush, notching a charged closing stage of “Boomerang”.

HallyuPopFest 2018

It was a sparkling opening day for HallyuPopFest 2018. Watch the Day 1 evening concert highlights below.

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Special thanks to H.A.H. Entertainment for the invitation to the inaugural festival of HallyuPopFest in Singapore

Event Covered By: abbyinhallyuland & Danica Lacson

Photos & Videos Provided By: H.A.H. Entertainment

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