Xander reveals his secrets in Manila

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It’s sweeter the second time around for former UKISS member Alexander Lee Eusebio, also known as Xander, during his fan meeting in Manila held at the Cinema 4 of SM Megamall in Ortigas last July 27.

It was 2 hours of fun and excitement with the Filipino Xanderettes and Xander who spilled secrets and spoiled his fans by mentioning some facts about his upcoming movie, 3 Peas in a Pod, showing in November co-starring Jay Liew and Calvin Chen. The rest of the program went to dances from Xander and his back up dancers, KU-KISS, and joking with his fans and even sharing some pick-up lines.

In a segment called ‘Minute with Xander’, where fans who were lucky enough to catch a ball from Xander himself got to spend 60 seconds on the stage beside him and talked about just anything. The last two girls were smart enough to spend around 10 seconds or so to play the staring game with their idol.

While some got really starstruck and speechless beside Xander, others were able to ask personal questions such as his ideal type which he answered with Lee Hyori and Sandara Park, both noonas who fit his ideal of maturity although sweet and young also fit his expectations.

He sang the chorus of Daniel Padilla‘s hit song Na Sayo Na Ang Lahat, a local artist from the Philippines whom he had mentioned in his press conference that he would want to collaborate with. Not forgetting about his former group UKISShe said that the member he misses the most is the youngest in the group Dongho and that he is looking forward to collaborate with them again some time in the future.

Before he finally waved his goodbye to the fans, a surprise birthday segment was presented with a fan-made video and birthday cake. He also wished to come back to the country for a more intimate and longer bonding experience with his fans to whom he sang in a random melody, “Kumusta ka aking mahal?” (How are you, my love?).  The last song he performed with two of his back up dancers was the Kimchi Song before the actual fan signing event took place.3 Peas in a Pod is a Huat Film Productions movie showing on November 14. Don’t dare miss his first on-screen performance as an actor. Who wouldn’t want to see Xander in a bath tub? Note that he said, “In the tub, I was wearing a speedo.”Check out more photos from the event below:


We would like to thank Fangirlasia for bringing Xander to the country and for the successful Alexander Fan Party in Manila.

Event coverage by eenupfi@hellokpop and rianna@hellokpop
Photos by eenupfi@hellokpop


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