Block B’s Park Kyung: “I Want To Warm The Weather Which Is Getting Colder With My Music”

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This is for Park Kyung’s fans!

Park Kyung joins hands with designer Ko Taeyong for a fashion pictorial of the latter’s clothing brand Beyond Closet and online shopping platform 11th street. This is the first solo fashion pictorial of the Block B member.

Park Kyung exudes fashion vibes of the comfortable daily items in the revealed photos.

During the interview after the photoshoot, Park Kyung revealed he is currently preparing for his solo album, saying: “I want to warm the weather which is getting colder with my music, so I am in the midst of preparing for my solo album.”

More photos will be revealed in the October issue of CéCi. Meanwhile, watch the making video featuring Park Kyung and designer Ko Taeyong.

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