Highlight Expresses Gratitude To Fans In Latest Pictorial For Harper’s Bazaar

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The members of Highlight extends gratitude to their fans, Lights, for waiting for each of them until they finished their military service.

For its upcoming March issue, Harper’s Bazaar is featuring Highlight. This photo shoot marks as their first group magazine pictorial since all the members completed their military service.

Highlight Harper's Bazaar

In the accompanying interview, Yoon Doojoon said, “It’s been a while since I  finished my military service, so I’ve had a lot of personal activities. I was a little bit lonely, but I feel full to have the members with me today. As if I’m having a bowl of soup with rice.”

Son Dongwoon, who was the member recently discharged from the military, said, “In my case, I think I was lonely inside the military base. The other members are already out there. During the final days of my service, Yoseob hyung was on King of Mask Singer. While watching TV in the unit, I used to brag to the junior soldiers, ‘You know who that is, right?’”

Highlight also showed their special affection for fans who have been waiting for them despite being in a long hiatus.

Yang Yoseob shared, “I have read a lot of comments like, ‘I spent my teens with you,’ or ‘my twenties were all about you.’ Honestly, we are in our teens too. We started training when we were teenagers, and we are still singing as members of Highlight until now. All this time, we had been together with our fans.”

Meanwhile, Lee Gikwang expressed, “I am grateful for waiting, cheering, and loving us without a reason while we are fulfilling our military service.”

Our fans may already know this, but we are preparing for a new album. We want to meet them as soon as possible with an album and performance that we can do with our very best.”

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview featuring Highlight will be available in the March 2021 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and its official website.

Source/ Image Credits To: Harper’s Bazaar