Kim Kang Woo for SURE magazine

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The January issue of SURE magazine features a simple and stylish pictorial of actor Kim Kang Woo and his amusing behavior.

In the first photo and second photo, Kim is seen wearing a mustard-color cardigan with a white shirt, camouflage pants, and white sneakers. A third photo displays the actor wearing a striped pullover shirt over a white button-up and pants by John Lawrence Sullivan.  The fourth pictorial image features Kim in a black piece suit over a black knit sweater and glossy black shoes. Last but not least, the actor is seen crouching on the floor while donning a gray patterned one piece and matching jacket over a black button-up shirt.

Take a look at Kim Kang Woo’s pictorial for SURE magazine below:

Source: Couch Kimchi via SURE

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