Shin Min Ah Radiates With Enchanting Beauty In Harper’s Bazaar’s Holiday-Themed Photoshoot

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Shin Min Ah dazzles with her ageless loveliness in a holiday-themed Harper’s Bazaar photos.

Harper’s Bazaar’s December issue features the mesmerizing charm of Shin Min Ah. The photoshoot, with a concept titled “Min Ah Santa”, showcases the actress’ youthful beauty in a Christmassy atmosphere. Her enchanting smile perfectly fits the gleeful vibe of the holiday season.

Each photo is accentuated with the shade of red – the vibrant color that perfectly symbolizes Christmas. It blends well with Shin Min Ah’s infectious high spirits.

Shin Min Ah

The photos will be published on November 20 which forms part of the magazine’s year-end special issue.

In a short interview after the pictorial, Shin Min Ah shared her thoughts about doing the photoshoot. “Everything is difficult, but I still have energy because I enjoyed it. It’s fun to shoot for so long especially with an atmosphere like this.”

She also emphasized how she appreciates each day as unique and special. “As I change day by day, I realized that I change too. There is never a me that is the same as yesterday. And the world changes as I change little by little every day. So, it’s always new and fun experience everyday.”

Shin Min Ah

Year-End Plans And Reflections

When asked about her year-end plans with her loved ones, she said, “I haven’t made any plans yet. Diva was released just a while ago, and there is one more project to be released after that. These days, the situation has changed so I can’t seem to be able to plan ahead. If the situation improves, it would be nice if I could spend a special intimate meal with my family and loved ones at the end of the year.”

Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah also opened up about her upcoming film 휴가 Vacation (literal translation). Vacation is a heartwarming fantasy movie about a dead mother who was given a chance to come down from heaven to have a three-day vacation with her daughter. “I’ve seen a lot of stories about mother-daughter relationship. But I think this is a unique story that I want to see. When I read the script, I really felt like ‘I want to be in this movie too’. It is a movie that everyone can relate to.”

She also shared her sentiments about the unexpected turn of the year. “I think this is the year that everyone suffered the same hardships. I looked for a distant place where I could heal. In the past, I didn’t talk a lot with my family about the things happening around us. But the difficult times brought me closer with my loved ones. I talked a lot with them now especially with my grandmother. It seems that this year has taught us think about and take care of the people close to your heart.”

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Images: Harpers Bazaar Korea