THE BOYZ’s Juyeon Talks About His Hobbies, Aspirations And More

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The insanely attractive Juyeon from THE BOYZ effortlessly showcases his boyish yet fatal aura in his recent Singles Magazine pictorial.

Juyeon of rising boy group THE BOYZ showcased his mesmerizing image and golden physique in a trendy photoshoot for Singles Magazine’s February 2021 issue.

THE BOYZ’s resident visual starred in a solo pictorial where he embodies the candid moments of people’s daily lives using his lovely visuals and carefree gestures.

Juyeon Singles Magazine

Taking DEOBIs breaths away, Juyeon gave the camera his steadily sparkling stares, while demonstrating his impressively cool charisma.

The performer also perfectly rocked the unique and modern styling plus laid-back outfits, while exhibiting a dreamy and captivating look.

Shot against minimalist backdrops, Juyeon also drew attention with his subtle facial expressions that display his overflowing and undeniable charisma.

The dazzling idol also aced the photos with his ever so inviting looks, as he stunningly pulls off his messy and dapper hairstyle.

Making fans further fall in love with him, Juyeon channeled a warm and cozy vibe, while perfectly complimenting the playful and innocent atmosphere of the photoshoot.


In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, the singer spoke candidly about his recent hobbies and his continuously growing passion for his craft.

Emphasizing his desire to be the best version of himself, the talented idol said that he becomes expressive of his own opinions when it comes to performances.

“I want to be passionate about everything. These days, I am focused on finding and listening to music from new artists. I often get new inspiration while listening to [them],” Juyeon added.

When asked about words that best describe his personality, Juyeon shared that “diversity” and “freedom” are the most appropriate ones as he tends to enjoy various activities such as playing games, watching movies and cooking.

“I want to be an icon. That is why I do not hesitate to experience various things,” he added.

Juyeon, who has been stealing fans’ hearts through his great love for singing and dancing since 2017, also shared that he wants to make a mark on stage this 2021.

The idol added, “Just like how cool it felt when I saw artists who showed off their charms on stage when I was younger, I want to be that kind of person. Aren’t all the things I’m doing right now are precious things that no one can experience?”

The full pictorial and interview featuring THE BOYZ’s Juyeon can be found in the February 2021 edition of Singles Magazine. Fans can also know more about Juyeon’s feature in the fashion magazine’s official social media channels.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ will release its first Japanese studio album Breaking Dawn on March 17.

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Photos from Singles Magazine Korea