2019 Hellokpop Best Of The Best: Rising

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2019 has been an even bigger year for K-Pop – and we’re more than excited to share our picks for the stars who brightened up the year with our 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best series!

With everyone being completely talented and hardworking, there is no doubt that so many K-Pop artists are on the rise both domestically and internationally. Although not as popular as others just yet, they have racked up notable achievements of their own and proved their musical prowess with the outstanding comebacks they held in 2019.

Having poured their hearts out in making their songs, practicing as they neared their comebacks, and performing with their fullest energies on stage, these K-Pop groups had a very fruitful year which even almost line them up with the industry’s biggest stars. Thus, we are honouring the outstanding work that these various rising artists have done this year with the 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best!

2019 hellokpop best of the best

The 2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best, which includes releases from January 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019 ONLY, is also divided into three parts: Main/Popular, Rising, and Rookie. Do check out the other lists to see if your favourite artists had successfully earned a spot in our top picks for 2019!

2019 hellokpop best of the best

2019 Hellokpop Best of the Best [Rising] Winners

Music Video of the Year

  • Male Group: NCT Dream “Boom”
  • Female Group: (G)I-DLE “Senorita”
  • Solo: Anda “What You Waiting For” (produced by R.Tee)

Dance Performance of the Year

  • Male Group: Stray Kids “Double Knot” 
  • Female Group: LOONA “Butterfly”
  • Solo: Kim Dong Han “Focus”

Vocal Performance of the Year: 

  • Group: GFRIEND “Fever”
  • Solo: Jeong Se Woon “When It Rains”

Rising Band of the Year: N.Flying

Rising Duo of the Year: Bolbbalgan4

Collaboration of the Year (International): NCT Dream ft. HRVY “Don’t Need Your Love”

Collaboration of the Year (Local): Minseo ft. Paul Kim “2cm”

Outstanding Concept of 2019: Stray Kids “Levanter”

Outstanding Soloist Debut From Group:

  • Male: HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon “Bird”
  • Female: Lovelyz’ Kei “I Go”

Outstanding Fandom of the Year:

  • Stays (Stray Kids)
  • Orbits (LOONA)

Favourite Comebacks of 2019: With our top favourite comebacks being named as the Outstanding Comeback of 2019, we can’t help but also shine a light on these eighteen amazing comebacks which we not only loved so much, but also felt the great impact of this year.

  • ASTRO “Blue Flame”
  • N.Flying “Rooftop”
  • (G)I-DLE “Senorita” 
  • SF9 “RPM”
  • Dreamcatcher “Deja Vu” 
  • NCT Dream “Boom” 
  • OH MY GIRL “BUNGEE (Fall in Love)”
  • KARD “Bomb Bomb”
  • PENTAGON “Humph”
  • Bolbbalgan4 “Workaholic”
  • The Boyz “D.D.D”
  • IZ*ONE “Violeta”
  • Golden Child “Wannabe”
  • A.C.E “Under Cover”
  • Weki Meki “Picky Picky”
  • GFRIEND “Fever”
  • VICTON “Nostalgic Night”

Outstanding Comeback of 2019 – The impact of these comebacks on their own had left us in awe, and thus we share our top favourite comebacks for the year.

  • Male: Stray Kids “MIROH”
  • Female: CLC “No”
  • Solo: HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon “BLUE”

Hellokpop Spotlight – These eight artists had made a huge impact this year, and although they aren’t taking the Rising Artist of the Year titles, we’d like to give them a special spotlight for their very amazing 2019!

  • SF9
  • The Boyz
  • CLC
  • NCT Dream
  • N.Flying

Song of the Year: N.Flying “Rooftop”

Rising Artist of the Year

  • Male Group: Stray Kids
  • Female Group: (G)I-DLE
  • Solo: HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon

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