Beauty Standards In Korea

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Korean beauty standard is becoming a distinct characteristic of Korean culture.

In recent years, South Korea becomes the only eastern Asian country (among many European and American countries such as Brazil, the USA, Italy, Colombia and others) to be among the top 10 “countries with the highest rates of cosmetic surgery” in the world, based on the ISAPS (International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgeons) global survey. However, the desired beauty features of Koreans may be a bit different from the rest of the world.

Light and bright skin

Koreans love light and bright skin. There used to be a old saying that those with darker skin came from poorer families as darker (or tanned) skin meant they were laborers who toiled out in the sun all day, while lighter (or white) skin were a sign of the upper class. It’s not quite certain if those past discriminating perceptions still exist today, but still one cannot deny the thousands of skin care products from Korea, such as face mask sheets and creams, which promise to brighten the skin.

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Even plastic surgery hospitals offer skin treatments to brighten the skin now. Such procedure extends outside of Korea as well, with many people from other Asian countries flying to Korea just to get their skin looking lighter.

In fact, stem cell fat injection is a widely popular procedure with Singaporeans as many fly to Korea in the hopes to brighten their skin, improve skin tone, elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. This procedure is far more superior to regular fat injection as it has a much longer lasting effect. Furthermore, this is not only specified for the face. Some people get this done on the body, especially on the breasts.

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V line face

Asians naturally have a wider and flatter facial bone structure compared to westerners. This difference has resulted facial bone contouring surgeries to become extremely popular in Asia, especially in Korea.

The V-line surgery, which is a reduction of the jaw, chin and cheekbone, is viewed as the “ideal face shaper” as the procedure makes the face line much more symmetrical from the side and front. Many Korean celebrities are known to have done the procedure before, which has since attracted a lot of interest on the procedure from the westerners as well.

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V line surgery, however, involves the process of cutting bone. Although there are a great number of surgeons in Korea who “can” do the procedure, those who are serious about the best results should look at only the most experienced and proven surgeons. Dr. Oh Myung June of Regen Plastic Surgery Gangnam has created his own technique for the facial contouring procedure which many top surgeons in Korea are using.

Slim, Body

In Korea, a slim physique usually means much more than what meets the eye. Good health, diet management, and non-laziness are positive vibes a nice slim body can translate to. Although it may seem a bit different as a more voluptuous curvy figure is more attractive in other countries; in Korea, dieting, exercise and even plastic surgery to slim up is hugely popular.

Some of us cannot lose weight in certain areas no matter how hard we try. This is especially true for women who have just given birth. That’s why abdominal liposuction or a tummy tuck is the most well-received procedure for first-time mothers. Dr. Lee Seok Jun at Regen is the head surgeon when it comes to body enhancing procedures. He has many years of experience with patients from outside of Korea as well. Check out some of his reviews.

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We live in a time where we can safely transform ourselves to fit the beauty standards of any era, whether it is by natural means or done by plastic surgery. You should try to look not beautiful just for others, but most importantly for yourself.

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