Two-Jaw Surgery, Regen Shows How To Transform Your Face

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Smiling makes people more likable, courteous, and confident. It is the first thing that people distinctively notice when meeting someone for the first time. Next to personality, smiling is considered the most attractive attribute by men and women.

But an overexposure of the gums when smiling can turn the benefits into drawbacks, as an excessive gingival display is considered unattractive, distracting, and displeasing.

Fortunately, Korea’s Best Plastic Surgery Hospital, REGEN, has come up with the best answer to people’s problem when it comes to overexposure of the gums – through its two-jaw surgery, a procedure which corrects and improves, not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality of the upper and lower jaw.

Two-jaw surgery corrects the abnormal face line and dysfunctions due to the misgrowth of the jaw. It creates a functional, aesthetic, and ideal face by considering the overall ratio of the face in correcting the jaw. It is recommended for people with overexposure of the gums, asymmetric face, long face, protruded lower jaw, protruded mouth, and unimproved protruded mouth after braces.

The operation time usually lasts from two to three hours in accordance with the surgery method. The operation process involves a complete medical examination and dental mold production, and measuring for a thorough diagnosis and precision. Each patient is designated a doctor from consultation to surgery via one-on-one.

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Moreover, in REGEN, a two-jaw surgery cooperate system is employed with plastic surgeons, oral and dental surgeons, and anaesthesiologist working together to reduce further the already thin as a paper error range. A pre-mock operation is also done to precisely decide the scope of the operation, followed by wafer production of the braces, maintenance and check of the wafer, and operation.

Patient can opt for a two-jaw surgery or two-jaw and facial contouring surgery.

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Additionally, REGEN also gives its patients the choice of no braces, braces after surgery, and surgery after braces. Read more about the three options in the image below:


Image credit: REGEN Plastic Surgery

Only in REGEN, patients can also choose the self-tie two-jaw surgery, which the patients can tie the elastic special dental band himself or herself, giving a natural movement, little swelling, fast recover, and easier communication and eating after a surgery. The self-tie two-jaw surgery comes with the advantage of the non-fix surgery and the complete fix surgery and does away with inconveniences.


Image credit: REGEN Plastic Surgery

In a two-jaw surgery, general anesthesia is used which affects the whole body, and usually induces a loss of consciousness for some time for the patient to feel painless during the surgery.

Patients can rest assured the safety of the procedure as REGEN safely carries out all its procedures such as the two-jaw surgery. As a leading and trusted plastic surgery hospital in South Korea, REGEN has a secure surgery system, which a residing anesthetist checks the body condition in real time until recovery.

To ensure safety, REGEN’s facility is equipped with its own uninterruptible power supply generators in case of a sudden blackout, the UPS generators provides stable power supply during procedures for a patient-centered medical service.

Hospitalization for a two-jaw surgery is a total of three days with initial recovery and stitch removal, estimated at two weeks after the operation. A one-on-one personal service care is also provided by REGEN through massage, high frequency treatment, and other services.


A dramatic change before and after the two-jaw surgery, image credit: REGEN Plastic Surgery

Image credit: REGEN Plastic Surgery

Image credit: REGEN Plastic Surgery

So, improve the aesthetic and functionality of your jaw with Korea’s best plastic surgery hospital REGEN, fully armed with the expertise of its group of specialists from the country’s leading university, Seoul National University, and a 360-degree total care system.

Visit REGEN Plastic Surgery’s website for more information on two-jaw surgery.

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