Celebrities Show Their Grooves Through SEVENTEEN’s #LeftRightChallenge

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SEVENTEEN’s “Left & Right” is blooming as this year’s newest anthem!

K-Pop fans and even celebrities are showing a lot of love and support to SEVENTEEN’s latest track “Left & Right”.

Released as the title song off their record-breaking mini-album Heng:garæ on June 22, “Left & Right” amazes with its catchy sound and equally-appealing dance steps. Aside from its various accolades in the charts, the track also continues to trend online with numerous celebrities joining the group’s #LeftRightChallenge.


First in our list is K-pop star Rain who took the internet by storm by showing his groove to SEVENTEEN’s new song.

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좌룡 or 우룡 ? What’s your pick?

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Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho

Earlier this week, well-loved comedienne and hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho participated in the challenge alongside Seungkwan.


3분만에 컷? 감사합니다♡♡ #LeftRightChallenge #SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

NU’EST’s Baekho and Ren

SEVENTEEN’s labelmates Baekho and Ren from NU’EST also adorably dance the song together with Hoshi and Seungkwan in their respective Tiktok videos.


3분만에 컷? 감사합니다♡♡ #LeftRightChallenge #SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN


I’m in 잠꼬대 ver. @nuest_official #LeftRightChallenge #SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

Apink’s Son Na Eun

Gamely dancing to the track is Apink’s stunning member Son Na Eun. Donning sporty outfit, the beautiful idol is accompanied by Hoshi and Vernon in the video.


@official_apink2011 #LeftRightChallenge #SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

Kang Daniel

Seeing each other through last night’s 2020 Pepsi Online Showcase: For the Love of Korea event, Kang Daniel and SEVENTEEN’s Woozi and Hoshi showed their swag by doing the #LeftRightChallenge.


??강다니엘?? 15초CUT 역시는역시? #LeftRightChallenge @konnect_kangdaniel

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN


PENTAGON’s Kino also joined the craze to show his support for his close friend and fellow M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome) crew’s pride and joy Vernon. The two made their friendship shine in their energetic #LeftRightChallenge video.


Vernon also gave his close friend Sik-K a memorable send-off to the military by enjoying the #LeftRightChallenge with him together before Sik-K enlists on June 29.


We also got extreme MonTeen feels as MONSTA X’s I.M joined Hoshi and Wonwoo in a fantastic performance of the #LeftRightChallenge at the gym together,


FANTASIA Ver. @monsta_x_514 #LeftRightChallenge #SEVENTEEN

♬ Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

Aside from this short list, many other idols such as Zico and Chung Ha have shown their support to SEVENTEEN by uploading their #LeftRightChallenge videos online.

Source and Photo Credits: Pledis Entertainment | Instagram | Tiktok

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