CL Reveals Passion For Music & Body Positivity In Recent VOGUE Singapore Interview

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CL is ready to capture everyone’s hearts with her charismatic looks and beautiful mind!

South Korean superstar CL has recently lent her stylish visuals as she participated in a photo shoot with VOGUE Singapore.

The popular fashion magazine revealed the stunning photos of the idol via its official website and social media accounts.

Unrivaled charisma

Known as the “baddest female”, the multi-talented idol donned various sophisticated outfits during the pictorial. With her signature winged eyeliner and edgy styling, she undeniably captures everyone’s attention with her unrivaled charisma.

In the interview that followed, CL first talked about her passion for music saying, “I communicate with people best through my songs. My dream is to be able to express myself and perform in the way I want to, and to have the freedom to be able to connect with my fans.”

She also revealed her desire to show her true reflection through her new album, which will be released early next year. “I wanted everything to be very CL. There’s not a lot of CL songs or videos out there and I wanted to make sure I give that to my fans, who have been waiting for a long time. It was also about defining my identity,” she said.

Body positivity

Aside from talking about her career, the idol also gamely tackled body positivity. Believing that having different body shapes is “natural and beautiful”, she then said, “You can’t always be happy; you can’t always have the best moments.”

“There is beauty in going through the waves of life, and being honest and comfortable in your own skin. I feel blessed to have gone through that—whether it is fashion, beauty or career wise—because I can now empathise with people,” she added.

Check out the short behind-the-scenes of CL’s pictorial with VOGUE Singapore below:

Fans can check out more captivating photos and know more about CL’s interview through VOGUE Singapore’s website.

Source and Photo Credits: VOGUE Singapore