Hallyu Star Spotlight: Park Hae Jin – The Chameleon Actor With A Generous Heart

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Park Hae Jin not only has a handsome face, his beautiful heart is a heartwarming testament of how his career springs from his kindness.

Aside from gifting memorable characters, Park Hae Jin has built an awe-inspiring reputation of advocating the spirit of generosity.

Park Hae Jin

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Among the thriving roster of Korean actors, Park Hae Jin interestingly actively makes splashes in the news headlines with his philanthropic works, aside from his acting projects. As one of the most diligent Korean actors who seals character immersion to a whole new level, Park has showed facets of his craft that leaves the audience in awe.

Today, we take a look at the inspiring journey of Park Hae Jin in breaking boundaries as an actor, while giving back the amount of love he has received to those people in need.

Park Hae Jin on proving he can do more as an actor

Since debuting 13 years ago, Park Hae Jin has built a solid portfolio thanks to his evident continuous attempt to broaden the extent of his acting range.

From acting on staple romance stories to playing villains and notching hero-centric roles, Park made sure that his label as an actor would not be someone who can only do typecast roles. He had a taste of weekend and daily dramas with Famous Chil Princesses and Heaven and Earth respectively. From there, his supporting role in acclaimed MBC drama East of Eden led to his first lead role in Hot Blood.

Defining Roles As An Actor

Switching from hated to loved characters make viewers wonder on how Park Hae Jin has immersed to varied roles with conviction. For dramas Doctor Stranger and My Love from the Star, Park made sure that every nuance of his character expressions led to a result that will not make his roles forgettable. His efforts paid off with lauded OCN crime thriller Bad Guys and the popular turnout of tvN’s romantic comedy Cheese in the Trap.

Keen to soar higher with his blooming local and overseas career, his sleek portrayal in spy drama Man To Man inevitably drew mass following in China at the time when an impasse was set on Korean broadcasting content.

The actor loved by Chinese fans

Broadening his presence, Park has been actively promoting in China. To date, he has starred in four Chinese dramas including Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember and Another Kind of Splendid Life. Additionally, he is scheduled to star in two future Chinese productions. That makes him one of the most favorite Korean actors in China. His dramas have accumulated billions of views solidifying his remarkable influence in the country.

Every now and then, he personally supports his local and international fan club’s projects by topping up donations to various activities they support. From simple act of kindness like sharing lunch to impoverished children or planting trees to raise awareness of its importance, Park would not hesitate to be of help. A testament to his firm resolve of being appreciative to his fans’ efforts.

Park Hae Jin

The man who wants to make a difference

With a truly genuine heart to be of any help to the society, Park Hae Jin has supported campaigns such as avoidance of smoking and drinking and financial literacy. Moreover, he has been appointed as an honorary fighter for his active participation in the firefighting activities such as volunteer work and donations. 

Dubbed as “Donation Angel” in the industry, Park is known for his generosity. According to his agency, he has donated over $1.5 million in various local and international charitable institutions since 2011.

The generous actor is known for his donation in various meaningful projects, such as Gyeongju earthquake restoration fund, Children Rehabilitation Hospital, Sewol disaster foundation, and more. He was also awarded a grand prize by Seoul Metropolitan Government for his unwavering contributions and voluntary activities.

Under his belt, he received Civil Public Welfare Award in China in 2014 and 2015. Furthermore, he became the 8th Korean celebrity to join the Honor Society by Community Chest of Korea. He was also the first recipient of “Happiness Sharer’s Award” by the Minister of Health and Welfare.

Park Hae Jin

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