6 Stunning Performances By GFriend That Proved They’re “Queens Of Synchronization”

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GFriend continues to mesmerize everyone’s eyes and hearts with their variety of charms, most especially with their synchronized dance routines!

Entering the Korean music scene four years ago with their girl crush vibes and innocent appeals, GFRIEND has steadily been recognized as one of the most famous girl groups in the K-Pop industry up until today.

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Formed by Source Entertainment, the South Korean girl group consists of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji.

Since debuting back in 2015, the beautiful and talented girls remain to showcase amazing resiliency through their undeniable chemistry and discipline both on and off the stage.

Aside from captivating their beloved fans, also known as Buddies, with their visual-blinding looks, they likewise captured everyone’s attention with their stunning performances.

Let’s take a quick look at how GFRIEND earned the title of being the “Queens Of Synchronization” by watching some of their best performances to date.

#1 Glass Bead

Innocent yet powerful – this might be the most appropriate words to describe GFRIEND’s debut track. Released on 15 January 2015, through their debut album Season of Glass, “Glass Bead” marked the group’s official entry in the K-Pop scene. Unlike most groups portraying fearless charisma, the girls set themselves apart by introducing their unique yet strong, and refreshing style.

Moreover, although with difficult choreography, the female group still was able to show off their incredible harmony by dancing at two-times speed during their guesting on Weekly Idol.

#2 Me Gustas Tu

Another track released in 2015 has likewise caught the hearts of fans. Titled “Me Gustas Tu”, it came off as the title song of GFRIEND’s second extended play Flower bud.

With its catchy melodies and memorable choruses, the track has also showcased the girls’ synchronized dance routines. Moreover, up until today, “Me Gustas Tu” remains to be one of the most iconic K-Pop girl group songs.

#3 Rough

Known as the group’s most successful song, “Rough” was released back on January 25, 2016, through their third extended play Snowflake.

Featuring their powerful vocals along with their fascinating dance steps, GFRIEND was able to grab their first-ever music show win through the said song. Remarkably, they bagged a total of 15 wins while promoting it on various Korean music shows.

#4 Summer Rain

Released in 2017 as the title track of their fifth EP Parallel, “Summer Rain” achieved several recognition to the girls.

Giving their best by displaying their wonderful harmony both in terms of vocals and choreography, the song became a huge hit for the girls.

#5 Time for the moon night

Venturing a different style than their usual, the girls mastered their courage to release a new track with a more classical vibe. In April 2018, GFRIEND released “Time for the Moon Night” through their sixth EP Fever Season.

Though a bit far from the girls’ signature theme, they were still able to attest their admirable versatility. Not to mention that along with their strong vocals are the stunning sharp dance routines of the song.

#6 Fever

Adding to the long list of their hit tracks, GFRIEND made roars in the music scene with their latest track “Fever”. Their newest song has been recently released last July 1 through their seventh mini-album Fever Season.

Additionally, the group has amazed everyone as they performed the track at twice its speed on Idol Room last month.

Meanwhile, Filipino Buddies will meet the “Queens of Synchronization” as they are set to return to the Philippine stage very soon. Titled 2019 GFRIEND Asia Tour [Go Go GFRIEND] in Manila, the highly-anticipated concert will happen at New Frontier Theater on August 25.

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