Im Si Wan Shows Off Post-Military Body & Career Insights He Learned While Acting

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Constantly proving his depth as an actor, Im Si Wan is already tapped to play lead roles in film Boston 1947 and drama Strangers from Hell.

As soon as he got discharged in March this year, the actor opened his Instagram account signaling the start of his return to Korean entertainment limelight. He felt his gratitude for receiving gifts and letters from fans in the army hence he wants to return it through social media engagement.


Im Si Wan

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“I always thought that I had received the love of my fans too much. With that, I would be willing to return more that’s why I opened an Instagram account. I am willing to communicate more with my fans,” he said.

Paying it forward has been an attitude Im is known for, he has donated his talent by teaching Mathematics to an elementary school affiliated in the military unit he was assigned to. Moreover, he has donated his military service salary.

Prior to his enlistment, Im Si Wan promised to show off a fit body. It was captured efficiently in the pictorial which highlighted his now prominent abs.

On his journey as an actor

When asked for the reason why he chose OCN’s second dramatic cinema project, he responded how he thought that the story was fun. Later on, he realizes the serious tone of the series. “I had a sense that it was my direction,” he said. “I want to be recognized as an “actor”,” he added.

Im Si Wan

Sharing what he learned about acting, Im expressed how the process of acting is really hard. Since it has to be done for a long time, he has learned to jive and challenge himself to do it.

He further shared, “I still feel doubts as to whether I can portray roles again, but if I can challenge it, I think I should start to make an effort.”

Im Si Wan

Paying tribute to his idol roots, he remarked how he will always enjoy singing.

“I made my debut as a singer because I love singing. I sometimes go to a karaoke room alone. It makes me feel good,” he said.

A detailed interview can be found in the Cosmopolitan May 2019 issue and the Cosmopolitan website.

Im Si Wan


*All photos from Cosmopolitan Korea