K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Kim Sung Kyu Engrosses With Soulful 3rd Mini-album “INSIDE ME”

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Dive into an emotional cruise that Kim Sung Kyu presents in his latest release, INSIDE ME. 

INFINITE’s powerful main vocal Kim Sung Kyu is back with a new enticing third mini-album INSIDE ME. It may have been a while since his last comeback, but the idol did not disappoint with the various tracks that marked his return.

INSIDE ME Comeback Timeline

December began with the announcement for Kim Sung Kyu’s comeback, which came with an intriguing trailer clip. In it, the artist faced himself in the mirror only to see a different version of him. Also drawing attention were the multiple tattoos on his body, building up the expectations of fans from the start.

A couple days later, teasers started to drop, beginning with the concept introduction. For that purpose, two sets of images were unveiled, each followed by a special trailer to further stir the excitement.

In the first shots, Sung Kyu showed a mysterious yet elegant vibe through a black and white photo, and a dandy suit look. The mature atmosphere was felt through both pictures and was later emphasized in the corresponding trailer.

The next concept version showcased the singer’s striking visual, while finally showing the tattoos that were previously hinted. The artist took breaths away with his sexy beauty, contrasting with the previous image feels.

In addition, the concept trailers focused on highlighting the concepts. In the first one, the performer shined with his chic attire, delivering a video with a classy sense.

Then, the second concept trailer allowed his enchanting expressions to take control. The artist made various alluring poses and gazes at the camera.

After the eye-candy treat, the idol unveiled his track list for INSIDE ME. The poster, reminiscent of a newspaper page, showed six titles, two of which had Sung Kyu’s name written in the credits.

To give us a small taste of what to expect from the songs, his agency uploaded a Live clip preview. Moreover, the video raised expectations not only about the full version of the tracks, but also of the complete performances.

Viewers were able to feel the emotions that the singer put into his Live stages.

As one would expect, the following teasers focused on the main star in the album, “I’m Cold”. Two clips titled “MV cut” were shared through the official SNS platforms, giving fans another brief peek.

Specifically, in the first one, the artist stood outside at night with the city view in the background and the snow calmly flawing upwards. Meanwhile, the second one delivered a mysterious feel with its dreamy blue colors.

Lastly, the idol graced fans with a proper music video teaser. While it started off calmly, the trailer swiftly changed into an intense and emotional clip, serving its purpose to further increase the hype.

INSIDE ME First Impression

The intro “INSIDE ME” prepares us for the rest of the album. Its constant change in the tempo and mood leaves a strong impression and sense of tension. Also, it makes us excited about the different songs that will follow up.

The title piece “I’m Cold” is an impressive R&B hip hop track with a guitar riff. The number focuses on the loss of something precious and delivering the feeling of emptiness that follows.

The artist takes on the role of the person left behind and expresses the coldness that takes over him. We get to experience the lovely and emotional voice of Kim Sung Kyu in a different type of song, compared to his previous title tracks.

With its dreamy sound and groovy melody, “Fade” falls into the alternative R&B genre. The inevitable break-up is upon the lovers but the lyrics express the desire to separate slowly, instead of rushing.

Just like the night will eventually come and end the day, so will the two part ways. Since the memories still remain though, it feels less painful if the break-up comes without hurrying it up.

The singer shows his soulful vocals in “Room”, a song that captivates with its sorrowful touch. The lyrics sing of the inability to move forward after a break-up and present the memories one holds as being stored in a single room, in which time has stopped.

The next song takes a different turn as it delivers a cute confession. “DIVIN'” shows the unexpected feelings that build up without a warning, from which one can’t escape. Those emotions are compared to diving into the sea and floundering because one can’t get out.

The track emits a drowsy atmosphere at its beginning and end, through the retro cassette tape sound. Additionally, the rhythmic bass and strings balance the sound while not loosing the groove.

The warm and rhythmical synth sounds are in the center of the last track “Climax”. Also, the simple but appealing voice of the singer adds to the sincerity of the song. This piece contains Sung Kyu’s passion to continue singing as long as the important people who enjoy it are around him.

“I’m Cold” MV Afterthoughts

Kim Sung Kyu delivers a striking music video for “I’m Cold”, impressing with his portrayal the feelings of emptiness and loneliness. The video starts with the artist stranded in he middle of a forest where he tries to find his way back while following frost tracks.

He is also seen in various other settings, all alone with himself and his thoughts. One of the most eye-catching spaces is the room, where he is seen rummaging through. In particular, those scenes show that the memories are still intact in his mind and he can’t seem to be able to escape them.

After the loss of someone special, the idol portrays how he is frozen in time as the cold slowly engulfed him. The intense moments of rage and the following distress perfectly show the atmosphere of the song, accompanied by the singer’s powerful vocals.

As the song ends, Sung Kyu is still in the cold, frozen while waiting.

Source and Image credit: Woollim Entertainment