K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: VERIVERY Breaks Barriers With Their Latest Album “FACE US”

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VERIVERY goes beyond the barriers as they showcase an electrifying synergy in their latest comeback album!

VERIVERY are back with their new comeback album FACE US. This latest release sees the group bring forth dynamism with ground shaking tunes. This album is the expression of the connectivity in our society, and how we can overcome and move beyond the barriers.


The septet conveys this powerful message through equally strong sounds. The diverse musical range contained in FACE US not only spotlights their high octane vocals but also their visionary perspectives. 

FACE US Comeback Timeline

On September 26, VERIVERY took to their official SNS and unveiled a mystifying and mesmerizing ‘Concept Trailer: 3’ from their ongoing FACE it series. The teaser piqued the excitements of fans for the group’s upcoming comeback that was announced through the clip. 

Next, the group took breaths away as they unveiled the name of the third episode of the FACE it series. On September 27, VERIVERY released an intriguing snippet that revealed the name of their fifth mini album FACE US. 

The septet then followed it up with the reveal of a scheduler, thereby commencing the countdown to their comeback album. 


From October 1 to October 4 VERIVERY enthralled fans with show stopping concept photos and teasers. The first set of teasers saw leader DONGHEON and lead rapper HOYOUNG looking absolutely charismatic than even in the dual toned teasers.



DONGHEON and HOYOUNG exude a fatal charm which is mesmerizing and mystifying all at once. Each of the teasers are reflective of the juxtaposing red and blue color palettes and yet mirror each other in conceptualization.

The second set of teasers featured members GYEHYEON and MINCHAN, who looked entrancing amidst an eerie setting. The teasers revealed for the two members piqued curiosities as well as captivated fans.


GYEHYEON and MINCHAN look ethereal in their bold black attires which adds to their irresistible charms in the clips. Additionally, the high octane trap beat instrumental as the background score in the videos gives off an edgy feel. It sets quite the dramatic and dynamic ambiance for what’s to come in the album.

VERIVERY then revealed their third set of idyllic individual teasers featuring members YEONHO, YONGSEUNG and KANGMIN. In the images, the trio looked absolutely resplendent as they looked powerful. 

In these teasers, YEONHO and KANGMIN both stand amidst what seems to be a sci-fi style lab of sorts while YONGSEUNG dazzles in a day time setting. Each of the members captivate with their beguiling gazes and stunning looks. They bring forth their own distinct mannerisms to their persona in the teasers. 

Furthermore, the multitalented group not only unveiled two grand group shots but also the album cover as well as a DIY version as well. 



After the reveal of their breathtaking teasers, on October 5, VERIVERY then disclosed a rocking track list for FACE US. With it, they also announced the name of its title track, as “G.B.T.B.” or “Go Beyond The Barrier”. 


Adding to the elation, VERIVERY revealed an impressive highlight medley and gave a sneak peek of each of the songs on the comeback album. 



The medley not only stunned but also raised anticipations of fans through the roof for the release of the album. 

Post the reveal of the highlight medley on October 11, VERIVERY stole the show with a smashing music video teaser for their title track “G.B.T.B”. 

The short video radiated with immense power with the members’ bold bearing in the music video teaser which created quite a strong impact. 

FACE US First Impressions

The album contains five fabulous tracks in total as well as a CD-Only single titled, “Thank You, Next?”. Each of the tracks, namely “G.B.T.B”, “MY FACE”, “Hold me tight”, “Get Outta My Way” and “So gravity” convey the effortless charms of VERIVERY through versatility with their music. 


This track just screams power! “G.B.T.B” is an electro trap beat number that creates a heart thumping listening experience. The song further expresses a hopeful message that we can overcome any obstacles together and eventually reach a new beginning. This sentiment is mirrored in lines such as, “I dreamed that I was shouting out towards a suffocating world/ We all resemble one another/ With this freely flowing rhythm/ So we keep on running/ Go beyond the barrier.”

Moreover, MINCHAN, GYEHYEON, YEONHO, YONGSEUNG and KANGMIN sound absolutely spectacular as they deliver effortless breathy notes and subtle falsettos which gives this track a refreshing air. However, DONGHEON and HOYOUNG bring this electrifying energy that surges through the rhythm with their rap verses. 

In this track, the septet asks, “Who’s gonna pull the trigger?”, well, with an opening track like this, it is DEFINITELY VERIVERY who’s gonna pull the trigger and aim straight for VERRER’s hearts with their matchless charismas!


“MY FACE” boasts of a very high powered electro beat which adds to the entrancing effect of the track. The booming bass blends beautifully with the anthem like verses. But what’s most impressive about this addictive track is the whispered pre-chorus which adds a very intriguing texture to the overall melody. 

Additionally, DONGHEON and HOYOUNG strike yet again with their fiery rap verse that just hits dynamically during the bridge. Overall, “MY FACE” is a track that listeners will find themselves playing on loop for sure!


Hold me tight

This song takes a slight detour from the pervious two tracks in terms of sound style. While the other two tracks saw an edgier version of VERIVERY, “Hold me tight” sees a strong yet sensuous side to them. The melody is powerful with its heavy bass, synth sounds and impactful vocals. However, it has a certain flirty vibe to it. 

This is mainly because of its poetic yet playful lyricism that compares one’s love interest to a star. This is seen in lines such as, “Falling into you with your intense look/ a breath filled with intense tremors/ Baby gimme your shine/ Gimme your sign/ Gimme your fire/ You’re leading me.” This track is both refreshing as it is riveting. 

Get Outta My Way 

Right off the bat, “Get Outta My Way” is sure to reel listeners in with its hard-hitting bass and synth sounds. The track is addictive with its catchy repetitive chorus and the falsetto laden “Ah ya ya ya ya’s”.

“Get Outta My Way” sees VERIVERY channel their ferocious sides and they do it with absolute finesse. The husky verses by the members and the low, rumbling growls in the track are enough for it to be labelled a power anthem. 

So gravity 

Written and composed by members DONGHEON, GYEHYEON and YEONHO, “So gravity” is a track that is testament to the evolution of VERIVERY. The members sound divine as they serenade with their angelic voices. 

YONGSEUNG and KANGMIN captivate with their lilting vocals as they open the track, MINCHAN’s breathy notes sound spectacular, DONGHEON’s low tones are just so soothing, YEONHO could be dubbed as a falsetto king after this track for sure as not only does he impress in the pre-chorus but also during the chorus wherein he backs GYEHYEON’s high powered vocals effortlessly. 

“So gravity” is a track that is compelling and comforting all at once – a beautiful masterpiece indeed!

MV Afterthoughts

“GBTB” is a powerful track with an equally powerful music video. The members have showcased a different aura and aesthetic with this comeback and just like the title itself, VERIVERY has gone beyond any and every barrier and showcased their unparalleled talents. 

The video has a sci-fi element to it with each of the members being seen in different set ups which can be interpreted as different dimensions or worlds. Here they face themselves and go through their journey of finding themselves which is essentially every version of themselves coming together.

Moreover, the group stuns with their famous dance moves as the music video brings to life VERIVERY’s ambition of breaking through the barriers and proceeding to a new world through their energetic choreography. 

VERIVERY truly redefines versatility with not just the music video, but with the album FACE US as well.  

Photo | Video Source: Jellyfish Entertainment