K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Wonho Warms Hearts With “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

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Wonho is ready to win hearts as he is back with some bold looks and beguiling melodies in his first comeback album! 

Make way for this sweet, sultry and supercool soloist – yes, we’re talking about none other than the king of Wenee’s hearts, Wonho! The artist is back and just dropped his first comeback album. 


The singer has just revealed his album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us. The comeback is one that sees Wonho delving into complex emotions through riveting rhythms and with finesse at that. 

Comeback Timeline

After delighting listeners with his debut album, Wonho certainly got anticipations running high for his upcoming comeback. This was specially after he gave a glimpse into the same by revealing the track “FLASH” during his online concert last year.

Wonho took to his official SNS on February 3 and made the announcement every Wenee across the globe was waiting for. 

On February 5, the star unveiled a scheduler for his first comeback album, marking down the dates leading to the release of  Part. 2 Love Synonym Right For Us. 


On February 7, Wonho released a tantalizing track list for the album. 

From February 10 to February 15, the alluring artist floored with his lethal visuals with the unveil of three sets of concept images. 

Wonho showcased his princely style as he piqued curiosities on February 21 with the release of a mystifying music video teaser for the lead track of his album titled “Lose”. 

Finally, on February 23, the singer furthered the excitement of fans with the reveal of an awe-inspring album preview. 

First Impressions

Wonho unfolds the various synonyms of love through eight electrifying tunes, five of which are composed by him. From a luxurious “Lose” to a heartwarming “WENEED”, this album unquestionably screams ‘no skips’ with its diverse range of musical spectra. 


This album consists of not one, but two tantalizing versions of this lethal lead number. Wonho proves that he is here to win as he presents something really striking with “Lose”. Showing off his impressive vocal chops, the singer delves into breathy notes leading up to a falsetto driven chorus that only amps up the intensity of this impassioned track. 

Moreover, the instrumentation of this song is equally cool as it features an alt-rock style guitar merged with some booming EDM beats. In addition to that, the inclusion of the violin gives “Lose” a dramatic effect which makes for quite the intriguing listening experience. 


 “Devil” is poignant, passionate, and undeniably powerful. With this piece, Wonho is sure to get listeners hooked to the moody ambiance channeled by its captivating composition. The track talks about a toxic relationship and expresses this theme through its gripping lyricism. 

Wonho captures attentions with his haunting husky vocals, which furthers the fervor of the song especially with poetic lines, as he sings “Lie after lie, you’re killing my soul/ A thin fog clouds inside the deep wound/ I can’t resist your absolute existence/ I offer my everything, even give my breath away”.

“Devil” is a definite earworm to say the least.



Being as it is that the two opening numbers are more darker in their approach, “BEST SHOT” brings forth this air of vibrancy with its lively melody. Featuring a funky bass and percussion mix, the song will surely make listeners want to bust out a move or two. 

The track exudes major 90s vibe thanks to its retro rhythm. Moreover, Wonho’s singing style takes the groovy factor of “BEST SHOT” up a notch. The soloist spellbinds with his sweet voice but jazzes up this number with his faultless falsetto.


Now, this track is without a doubt one that every Wenee over the world has been waiting for! Wonho pours all his love out on his dear fans with this love letter-like track. The song sees the vocalist bring forth his heartfelt emotions to life in the most sincere manner. 

The lyrics are endearing and see Wonho address his fans through moving lines such as, “I can’t live without you”, “You’re my only one”, before promising to always be by their side as he sings, “I promise you/ You and I/ Forever and ever/ ‘Cause we need each other”. 

“WENEED” is a track that is sure to rule over not just Wenee’s hearts and minds, but on their playlists as well!

Ain’t About You (Feat. Kiiara)

Wonho teamed up with none other than the American singer-songwriter Kiiara for the third all-English track on this album. Titled, “Ain’t About You”, this track sees both the vocalists charm listeners like never before. 

The two artists’ playful back-and-forth paired with the cheeky lyricism, which are filled with amusing lines like, “Wish I could stroke your big ego/But sorry not tonight, or ever”, is definitely one of the major highlights of this upbeat track. 

The track spotlights Wonho’s refined vocals, especially when he sings along with Kiiara and their harmonization, backed by a bass heavy pop beat, is nothing short of being dreamy.  


“FLASH” is an already a fan favorite ever since it was first unveiled during Wonho’s first online concert WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU. The track is yet another testament to the heartening bond that Wonho and his Wenee share. 

There is something comforting about this track that makes it particularly compelling. Wonho sings of how his ‘flash’/fans have been his constant support through everything. His voice channels a certain vulnerability as he expresses, “You held me like a hero/ When I was unknown, tired and collapsing, flash/ You were warm, flash/ Will I ever find you again? I miss you”. 

Not only does the singer melt hearts with his famous falsetto and breathy notes, but also with his awe-inspiring rap verse as well. Wonho truly shines like the star he is on “FLASH”. 

Outro : And

Having presented something passionate with “Interlude : Runway” on his debut album, Wonho delivers yet another impressive instrumental that radiates with power – with “Outro : And” on this comeback release. 

Overall, with its lilting piano melody that leads to a dynamic electric guitar harmony, “Outro : And” signifies the perfect conclusion to this impeccable album that spotlights the musical genius of Wonho and his evolution as an ace artist!

MV Afterthoughts

When sultry meets suave is when viewers are struck with something superb such as Wonho’s music video for his lead track “Lose”!

There is not a single instance through the length of the video that would make Wenees want to stray their eyes off the soloist. Flaunting his mad elegant bod and mesmerizing visuals amidst fantastical backdrops, Wonho is truly the epitome of being the ultimate stunner.

Not only that, the singer takes breaths away with his bold gaze and fluid moves that fill the music video with several picture perfect stills.

“Lose” certainly delights as it sees Wonho serving ravishing looks in the most regal way.

Images and Video Credits To: HIGHLINE Entertainment