Lee Jin Hyuk Talks About Pursuing His Idol Career Despite Having A Heart Condition

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Lee Jin Hyuk’s admirable passion will surely leave fans in awe.

Appearing on the television for the first time after his recent heartbreak from Produce X 101, TOP Media’s Lee Jin Hyuk graced the latest episode of Radio Star.

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Though not being able to successfully debut under the banner of X1, Lee has been receiving a lot of attention recently.

“I didn’t know that I’d receive this much love after it ended. I keep getting offers for dramas and variety shows. I’m really surprised. ‘Radio Star’ is my first variety show appearance, and I’m so nervous. I’m shaking,” he adorably revealed.

Rocky Idol Career

Back in 2015, the handsome and talented idol debuted as a member of UP10TION. He revealed that he, together with his members, actually had a hard time for the past several years. Although they were able to release a total of nine albums, he admitted that their popularity was in fact decreasing.

Lee then admitted that unlike their shaky path, their debut batchmates SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X are continuously reaching new heights in their careers.

“While SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X gradually rose, things didn’t work out for us in comparison to our passion,” he candidly said.

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The Power of Passion

Even before his debut, Lee already faced huge difficulty in terms of his health. Publicly revealing for the very first time, he unveiled to everyone that he has a heart condition. “I have heart disease. I’ve had it since birth. I don’t know a lot about it. The valve did not function properly,” he shared.

Although he initially treated his condition negatively, he overcame it and even decided to look at it in a positive way.

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In addition, Lee shared his mother had actually tried to stop him from becoming an idol because of the difficult training. Despite having a harder time physically than the other aspirants, he did not give up on achieving his dreams.

“Why do I have to give up because of this? I don’t want to give up on my dream because of it. I need to overcome it.’ So I trained really hard every day, I’d even give up on vacations,” he said.

Moreover, the idol’s heart condition has fortunately improved. He said that he continues to have regular checkups, and he is strictly avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Hyuk will be treating fans with his first-ever solo fan meeting very soon. Titled T.Y.F.L, the highly-anticipated event will happen on August 10 at the Kyunghee University in Seoul.

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