15 Lee Jong Suk K-Drama Moments We Can’t Help But Love

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When Lee Jong Suk was mapping out his career compass, he made sure that it is bound to hit the top!

One of South Korea’s most bankable actor, Lee Jong Suk has come along way since debuting in 2010.

Three years after his debut and three stints as a supporting actor, Lee stunned in his emotional portrayal as a student in KBS2’s School 2013, marking his breakout performance that propelled a string of successful projects under his name.

This is going to be a sweet drive, tracing some of the most memorable K-Drama scenes of Lee Jong Suk — an actor who is not afraid to go above and beyond in tackling characters given to him and who constantly defies stereotype roles inherent to Korean drama male leads.

Grab some chips to munch because we are going to have a quiz after some of the best Lee Jong Suk K-Drama moments’ trip. *wink

School 2013 Bromance

Bromance is synonymous to School 2013.

It was with this series that Lee casts an invisible thread to all noonas, who back then wanted to shield him from his messed up emotions, and appease his weary life that everything will be okay.

Pulling off a memorable “bromance” in his portrayal as Nam Soon in School 2013, Lee Jong Suk’s emotional confrontation scenes with Kim Woo Bin have had the viewers on a blubbering mess because who wouldn’t join those weep fest moments between two estranged best friends who found their way back to their brotherhood love.

1. “I gave up on you.”

Lee Jong Suk School 2013

2. “I’m sorrier than the word sorry can express.”

Lee Jong Suk School 2013Lee Jong Suk School 2013Lee Jong Suk School 2013

I Hear Your Voice Noona Romance

Fate intertwined Lee Jong Suk’s character Su Ha to Lawyer Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) when the latter helped young Su Ha to send his father’s murderer to prison after standing as a witness to pin the culprit to his crime.

Su Ha who has developed a unique ability to hear people’s thoughts vows to protect the noona who saved him and gets reunited after ten years just when his father’s killer gets released from jail.

3. The Noona I will protect

We envied Hye Sung’s character for having a mind-reading cute guy willing to protect her with all his might.

Lee Jong Suk I Hear Your Voice

4. The Noona Who Understands Me

Clear on its love premise of a younger-man-older-woman relationship, we barely felt the awkwardness because the maturity level between the two are often interchanged due to the heroine’s quick-to-react responses versus the male lead’s pause and think first routine.

I Hear Your Voice‘s love couple interestingly grow together in controlling their emotions, along with the realization that the comfort they share with each other validates the love solace that has been there all along.

Lee Jong Suk I Hear Your Voice

5. The Noona I Love To Kiss With My Eyes Closed

After all those thrilling psycho and legal battle disputes, it definitely calls for #HAPPYENDING kiss with these two.

Lee Jong Suk I Hear Your Voice

Thrilling Romance in Doctor Stranger

Achieving a challenging role as a genius surgeon who was forced to cross the border and live in North Korean soil, Lee Jong Suk boasted a firm stance through his character of what he is capable of as an actor.

Along with the compelling narrative and sweet yet heartbreaking romance, Park Hoon took us to a gripping medical thriller that refused to downshift its momentum from its solid start.

Doctor Stranger threads on a complicated romance with the lead couple having unified intentions to protect each other. Hoon and Jae Hee’s love journey is not something that we wish to have in real life, but it gave us a nudge to be not complaining of why true love requires sacrifice.

6. Heartbeat Couple

We often see beautifully captured embrace in K-Drama sphere, but not as sweetly evoking like this.

7. The Man You Can’t Help But Love

There’s nothing remotely romantic in this scene, but it is one of the most defining moment of Lee’s character in the drama. Definitely not an easy scene to pull off owing to the emotion and focus required to nail its picture, but Lee showed how it was done by garnishing it with a delicate and heartfelt approach.

8. The Loving Embrace After All those Pains

Doctor Stranger deserves a satisfying ending given all those tumultuous adversities Lee Jong Suk’s character had to overcome to be with the woman he has ever loved.

Romance that does not lie in Pinocchio

From being a surgeon, Lee Jong Suk donned a champion of truth character as a media reporter in Pinocchio.

The well-conceived story gave the actor another stellar role, earning him the Most Popular Actor in 51st Baeksang Arts Awards, as well as Top Excellence Award in SBS Drama Awards and Korea Drama Awards in 2015.

9. The Girl I Should Not Love

Samchon-romance easily hooked between In Ha and Dal Po/Ha Myung in SBS drama Pinocchio.

The premise of a man who fell in love with the daughter of a news anchorwoman, who killed his family because of false media reporting spins the conflict of the story. In a twist of fate, Dal Po is rescued by In Ha’s grandfather, and soon grew emotionally and romantically attached to her.

10. The Shaving scene

All of us are neon I-wish-I-am-Park-Shin-Hye flashing sign in this endearingly intimate moment.

11. That “It would always be you” kiss

12. That Heartbreaking Kiss

While Pinocchio had a few memorable lip-lock frames, this let’s-kiss-with-our-eyes-closed-and-cry-together scene can send any viewer to a petition to support Pinocchio love birds right away at any cost.

Fantasy Meets Reality Romance in W

Straight from a manhwa character, Lee Jong Suk was every bit fitting to his rich debonair character in W, the MBC thrilling fantasy drama which sent fans, especially ladies, to a trampoline of boy crush towards Kang Chul.

13. Kang Chul a.k.a. the dream boyfriend

Because who wouldn’t melt on this wink?

Lee Jong Suk W

… and who wouldn’t feel so high when Lee Jong Suk read you a bed-time story?

14. Kang Chul a.k.a. the master kisser

We all saw the signs coming from I Hear Your Voice to Pinocchio, but nothing has prepared us to the “types of location kisses” Lee paraded in fantasy-romance drama W.

In his penthouse…

In prison…

After crossing the real world…

In a park with a beautiful view…

The Man Of Your Dreams In Reality & While You Were Sleeping

Tackling courtroom conflicts with a twist, Lee played the role of rookie Prosecutor Jung Jae Chan who gets entangled with a news reporter who has been seeng him in her dreams.

The addictive connected dreams premise of While You Were Sleeping did not escape the critics as it has been getting recognitions from various award giving bodies.

15. The Prosecutor We Love

Even when he is clumsy and a selfie-addict…

Lee Jong Suk While You Were Sleeping

when he got defeated by a seatbelt…

When he brought to life that lazy house-husband we are all still willing to fight for with our family…

Lee Jong Suk While You Were Sleeping

When he comforts his girl with his neck tie…

Lee Jong Suk While You Were Sleeping

When he made a whole new meaning to a “kiss under the rain”…

Lee Jong Suk While You Were Sleeping

A student, a mind-reading protector, a doctor, a media reporter, a manhwa character and a prosecutor. All these roles have decorated Lee Jong Suk’s thriving career as one of the most sought-after South Korean actor.

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