6 LOONA Songs That Epitomize The Group’s Diversity And Universal Range

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LOONA has gifted the world empowering words and fascinating music that transcends any genre. It has the power to heal, energize and inspire.

Formed under Blockberry Creative, the 12-member girl group LOONA, made their grand debut in 2018. Through a rich plethora of marvelous music, this K-Pop group continues making huge waves in both local and international scene.


Well-known for taking on diverse styles and genres, LOONA never fails to surprise everyone, including their fans, Orbits. Since they are gearing for their new album 12:00, we can expect another masterpiece that will grace the world.

But before that, let’s take time to appreciate some of the group’s previous releases that truly made mark in their distinct ways. Here, is a short compilation, among the lengthy list of songs presented by them. With that being said, let’s dive into the fascinating universe of LOONA and their far-reaching music, shall we?

1. Hi High

Debuting in full swing as a group, LOONA’s “Hi High” will definitely take you higher in excitement with its electric sounds. All throughout, this synth pop track felt like its going to explode any minute. It makes you wanna hop and run to release the tension building up.

Like magic, “Hi High” reminds the fun feeling of during which one, falls in love. Seeing their true value, these wonderful girls claim they don’t want an easy love because they’re special, and of course, beautiful!

2. Butterfly

If you have been feeling unmotivated, “Butterfly” will inspire you in your most downhearted days. Incorporating the concept “butterfly effect”, the lyrics speaks of the idea that small things contribute to bigger changes.

When fear creeps in, immerse your thoughts with the empowering words imparted by this track. Messages of self-awareness, raising one’s own voice, and being the best version of yourself will surely fill in the gaps of our soul.

Filmed in South Korea, Paris, Hong Kong, Iceland, and US, the music video features distinct women, from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. This work of art focuses on diversity, and breaks through the barriers and standards set by the society.

Expressing courage and freedom, the chant “fly like a butterfly” assures that we are much bigger and a lot more colorful (like a butterfly) than we could ever imagine.

3. So What

Brimming with confidence and attitude, “So What” is a powerful anthem that demonstrate a girl’s desire to live her own way, and starts caring less about what others think of them. The message was conveyed through equally striking vocals and compelling raps, all summed up in one music video full of cool stunts. It exudes strong aura and charisma, which in its very core, has tons of personalities that leave a dynamic impact.

4. Valentine Girl (LOONA 1/3)

Staying true to its name, “Valentine Girl” incorporates candy pop sounds and pleasant tunes with a tinge of retro. The song is like a box of chocolate filled with sweet words, that once it has opened, immediately uplifts your mood.

Like how chocolates melt in our mouth, and burst with different flavors, this heart fluttering song melts our hearts in bliss. Referencing to February, the month of love, “Valentine Girl” signifies as a declaration of love, while waiting for that person to reciprocate the feelings.


Magical and hypnotic, this unique track from LOONA evokes an eerie yet nostalgic sentiment. It has old school underground beats that are rarely used in K-pop music. The disco-punk guitar sound subtly adds flavor to the minimized vocalizations.

6. love4eva (LOONA/yyxy)

Prepare to enter the dreamlike world ofย  LOONA through their bubbly track “love4eva”. Feelings of being in an enchanted garden will welcome you in its first chords. This upbeat electro-pop song captures the thrilling experience of dating in the modern digital age.

Altogether, the girls sing a cutesy confession, “My heart is pounding, what’s happening to me? Oh from now on, you’re all I see, love4eva”.

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Photos | Videos: Blockberry Creative