MONSTA X Celebrates Monbebes’ 4th Anniversary With Sweet Video Greetings Full Of Love

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No matter how busy they are, MONSTA X always makes sure to celebrate Monbebes’ birthday in the sweetest ways possible!

MONSTA X wished Monbebes a happy birthday – not just once or twice but thrice – for the fandom’s fourth anniversary on September 26, and they had the most heartwarming messages for each time!

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Earlier on September 25, the septet surprised fans with a sudden V Live which had all seven of them in one frame after quite a while for one mission – which is to wish Monbebes an advanced happy birthday in their own way. “It’s been a long time since we did a V Live altogether,” Wonho mentioned later during the broadcast, making the video even more special for Monbebes.

The seven boys first started the celebration by bringing out a birthday cake with candles that had the numbers “926”. Singing Monbebes a happy birthday song, the septet excitedly clapped and cheered for their fans while introducing the sweet celebration they have up ahead.

“Thank you for being with us. I am sorry we couldn’t look after you better, but I will keep on showing you a better side of me. I love you,” Shownu said for his quick message. Meanwhile, Wonho regretfully told fans, “I am sorry we couldn’t greet you on the real day (of the anniversary) since we will be on the plane and it is unavoidable. I hope you have a good day and eat delicious food though”.

“Happy birthday to our Monbebe! Let’s always be together. Thank you for coming to our little birthday party,” Minhyuk also said. “There will be many more birthdays ahead so please be with us always,” Kihyun noted as well, adding in that his rib is already fine.

“As we go forward, it would be nice if you could be with us for a long time – from the fourth to even the 40th anniversary. I love you,” Hyungwon said as well.

“I hope you can celebrate the fourth anniversary with happiness like us today,” Joohoney shared his heartfelt wish for the fans. Meanwhile, I.M introduced himself as Monbebes’ other half before wishing them a happy birthday and saying one of the world’s sweetest “I love you”s as well.

Besides their heartwarming messages, the group also blessed fans with many funny and memorable moments with their very casual and comfortable state in the V Live. Among these were Hyungwon trying to feed fans cake through the camera, the boys piling up on top of each other while one of them talked, Joohoney whining at Minhyuk, and Shownu being teased by the six other members for his latest magazine photoshoot, among others.

Monsta x

Part 2

As soon as the clock hit September 26 at 12 AM KST, the group also delivered a short but sweet video greeting to fans as an additional gift.

“Are you going to cheer us on like this from now on? Our Monbebe and MONSTA X – we promise to stay together forever as we go forward. Happy birthday to all of our Monbebe fans. This has been MONSTA X,” the seven boys alternately said in the video.

This was also an addition to the various exclusive video and photo presents they gave Monbebes through fan cafe and V Live+ during the very special day.

Part 3

At exactly 5:14 PM KST on September 26, the group posted another video – this time, of them watching Monbebes’ messages and expressing their love back in return. In the fourteen-minute video, the seven boys experienced a rollercoaster of emotions while witnessing fans cheer and express their love for the group.

Kihyun expressed how he got goosebumps when someone said “nothing is eternal but I’ll be with you for near eternity” – to which Wonho also admitted that he got emotional with upon hearing. “We also want to be together with Monbebe for near eternity,” Kihyun sweetly said in response.

“It gives me energy whenever I watch videos like this and read letters and comments. I feel recharged whenever I’m alone and reading all of those,” Wonho also commented about the compilation of video messages from Monbebes.

“It touched my heart, but it hit me so strongly that I felt pain in my chest. I thought, we must keep working even harder and thinking of Monbebe,” I.M said as well – and Monbebes might or might not have caught the usually chill maknae tearing up a bit.

“If there are people who bother Monbebe, we have two men with muscles,” Hyungwon even joked, directing everyone’s attention to Shownu and Wonho. When Joohoney asked what about him, he sent fans laughing with his answer of “Monbebe told me not to get hurt and eat a lot”.

“When I see these kinds of messages from fans, I feel like I once again realize what kind of people we are and what is it that we do,” Shownu also commented. “I’m emotional, but it was a proud and happy time watching the video,” he added.

With this set of delightful gifts from the group, there is no doubt that Monbebes were able to celebrate their special day in the most memorable way possible. Happy fourth anniversary, Monbebes!

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