On Hellokpop Playlist: OMEGA X Heats Up The Scene With “LOVE ME LIKE”

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OMEGA X boasts their infinite possibilities and musical skills in their latest EP, LOVE ME LIKE.

OMEGA X makes an increasingly impressive mark on the K-Pop scene less than a year since their debut in June 2021. On January 5, they released their newest mini-album titled, LOVE ME LIKE, a diverse EP that displays their versatility and provides a platform for the members’ musical talents to shine.


Under Spire Entertainment, OMEGA X debuted with the intention to seek the infinite–pushing all limitations to grow endlessly. The eleven members proved their relentless efforts, earning Rookie of the Year nominations for prominent ceremonies including The Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and the Hanteo Music Awards. 

Now with their new EP, the group continues to reveal their growth by showing an even fiercer side to their charms with the heated title track, “LOVE ME LIKE”, and four other songs. Additionally, OMEGA X further incorporates their personal colors within their music, participating in composition and lyric-writing for this project.

As such, LOVE ME LIKE is yet another achievement showcasing their current talents and demonstrating their promising potential for even greater success to come.

“Love Me Like”

The mini-album’s title track of the same name, “LOVE ME LIKE”, is an addictive Moombahton earworm. Its Latin-inspired sound and repeated flute line create a catchy melody underscoring the track. Further punctuated by an appealing contrast in the members’ higher vocal tones and deeper, bordering growl-rap, the song shows OMEGA X’s multifaceted magentism.

Paralleling the hot title track is the more sensual music video pointing to the group’s concept digestion and dance skills. While minimal in storyline, it is clear that the video centers on OMEGA X’s synergy as a performance group as well as their individual charisma during their solo shots.

With “LOVE ME LIKE”, the group commands existing fans with their newer sultry concept and catches the attention of non-fans with the memorable tune.


Continuing with captivating flute melodies, “ACTION” follows the title track as an equally catchy competitor and one of the emerging stand-outs on the entire EP.

As another dance track, the charm of the song is rooted in its instrumental-heavy chorus. Blending flute with aggressive EDM beats, “ACTION” delivers a more powerful side of OMEGA X while still retaining their signature style.


The song “12.24” was previously released during OMEGA X’s first-ever fan meeting. If the prior two tracks brought the EP to a full fire, this track slows the pace to a pleasant simmer. The saccharine-sweet pop song resembles a holiday carol and delivers equally honeyed love lyrics.

Member Jaechan shared, “I believe this album really displays our diversity as a group. In addition, I hope to show a new charm and side of OMEGA X our fans have yet to see, particularly through our self-composed B-side tracks.” “12.24” certainly is evidence of that.


The acoustic, rock-leaning “LIAR” extends the project’s more sentimental side. Central to the song are the members’ strong vocals and genuine emotions. The track reiterates the group’s various sides and capabilities as the members contributed directly to lyrics and composition.

Member Yechan explained, “I pour my sincerity and heart into each and every song I write, and ‘LIAR’ is no different. It’s an affectionate track for me, and I’m so happy and proud it’s been included in this album. I hope FOR X finds our LOVE ME LIKE album relatable, and the album also brings us closer to our fans.”


Lastly, the mid-tempo track “전화해요(PLEASE)” concludes the EP. OMEGA X directly penned the yearning lyrics and composed the easy-listening song. As the last track on the project, “전화해요(PLEASE)” reaffirmed OMEGA X’s harmonious vocals and musicality.

Hangyeom shared his excitement, stating, “I’m ecstatic to see our fans again so soon with a fast comeback. In this album, I’ve participated in the making of two tracks, ‘LIAR’ and ‘PLEASE’. Please look forward to them! I’ll continue to work hard and create the best songs for our FOR X to enjoy!!!”


With their newest mini-album, OMEGA X drives into the new year with full force. LOVE ME LIKE is equal parts gritty and tender, making listeners curious about where the group will head next.

PR and Source: Helix Publicity | Herald POP

Image and Video Source: Spire Entertainment | Helix Publicity

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