How Park Hyung Sik Captured The Emotions Of His Drama Characters Through The Years

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What’s not to admire about Park Hyung Sik?

From being an idol to becoming “oppa of K-Drama fan girl dreams”, Park Hyung Sik proves that exploring talent maketh an artist.

Courageously learning through his experiences, Park has been broadening projects he can venture on.

Aside from modeling and his idol activities with ZE:A, he has acted in dramas, musicals, and films. His variety show guestings have also put smiles on his fans’ faces. He has successfully transitioned to one of the most sought-after actors of his generation.

Today, we take a trip back to his small and big screens memorable journeys.

The Year 2013: Park Hyung Sik leaves memorable impressions in Sirius, Nine, and The Heirs.

After quick cameos and feature appearances in a number of dramas and musical production, Park Hyung Sik marked a promising path by playing the young versions of the heroes in KBS’ special drama, Sirius, which was received well in numbers and by the critics for its brilliant writing and story.


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Following up on his quick but notable stint, Park’s work on tvN’s time-traveling thriller, Nine, was also lauded. Park, who was then 22, was noticed for portraying well the young version of the main character.

Down to the littlest detail, he breathed synergy to the older version of the hero portrayed by Lee Jin Wook. Popular for its switching past and present time lines, the inventive drama achieved success, owing to impressive character portrayals to which Park contributed to.

Shortly after Nine, Park Hyung Sik got an early serving of military life by joining MBC’s reality show Real Man in June 2013. The quick-to-smile actor showed his candid and passionate sides which garnered much love from the viewers.

The year 2013 was such a lucky year for Park Hyung Sik as he closed the season with a supporting role in star-studded Kim Eun Sook drama, The Heirs.

Joining South Korea’s hottest young actors’ roster at that time, Park’s character provided a glimpse of the actor’s comic role potentials.

Park Hyung Sik

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The year 2014: Park Hyung Sik becomes a household name through What’s Wrong With My Family?.

Expanding his popularity as an actor, Park hit the jackpot by joining KBS’ weekend family drama, What’s Wrong With My Family?. His on-screen chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun highlighted the bankable presence of the actor as a male lead.

Park Hyung Sik

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The year 2015: Park Hyung Sik sweetly haunts fans in a drama that he is not even the main male lead.

Scoring remarkable chemistry with Lim Ji Yeon, the supporting love pairing in SBS’ High Society garnered raves from audience.

The singer-actor’s portrayal of Yoo Chang Soo, the chaebol who falls in love with an ordinary woman, was enjoyed by drama patrons for the adorable chemistry between the actors. It was the drama that gave birth to Park’s legendary knee-weakening gaze — a staple skill for actors especially in romance series.

Park Hyung Sik

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The year 2016: Park Hyung Sik gifts us with a perfect second-male-lead syndrome.

For supporting male actors, it’s a rite of passage to confuse women’s hearts as a second male lead. That’s what Sam Maek Jong, portrayed by Park, did in fusion sageuk Hwarang.

Donning a heavenly long mane, Park Hyung Sik marked another superb performance amidst an amazing roster of actors in the series.

His one-sided love journey in the series brought out his emotional side as an actor. Aside from extending the bromance with fellow Hwarang actors in real life, the series propelled his eventual first leading man role.

The year 2017: Park Hyung Sik officially entered fans’ favorite K-drama actor lists.

Tracing Park Hyung Sik’s filmography will make you realize that all his strong points in his early roles contributed to how deftly he has owned Ahn Min Hyuk. The actor’s role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon eventually shot him to unprecedented stardom.

Assimilating his knack on comedy and strong stance in poignant scenes, the love tale he painted with Park Bo Young simultaneously slayed viewership rating and online ravings when it was airing. In addition, it secured him a stable position as one of the bankable actors in the country.

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Park Hyung Sik

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The year 2018: Park Hyung Sik explores how deep his emotions can run as an actor.

Staying on his comfort zone was an option for Park after securing a first successful male lead project. Ergo, when the actor appeared on Suits, a remake of a highly-popular US TV series, he announced that he is keen to carve an acting path that will not settle for less and for the usual.

Since concluding his 2018-2019 musical project Elisabeth, Park Hyung Sik has been preparing for his first film titled The Jurors which is slated for release in 2019.

Passionate and smart, Park Hyung Sik has grown as an actor who made all the roles given to him extraordinary and amazing.


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