Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Na Ra & Lee Yi Kyung Share Thoughts About Their Experiences In “Royal Secret Agent”

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Today we celebrate a send-off party for Royal Secret Agent! Its main leads relayed their thoughts about the series!

Set during the time of Joseon era, the iQiyi original and exclusive K-drama series Royal Secret Agent follows the story of a delinquent gambler who was assigned to work as a secret inspector as a form of punishment.

The show premiered on the platform in December 2020 and has since enjoyed a good following among K-drama fans. In Korea, one of its latest episodes rated 9.7%, setting a personal best for the show.

Before the much-awaited finale drops on iQiyi tonight, check out this iQIYI interview with Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara and Lee Yi Kyung.

Part 1: Kim Myung Soo

Sung Yi-gyeom: A Joseon Hero

Successfully carving his presence as an actor, Kim Myung Soo has been progressing to an artist with quenchless thirst to expand his acting range. His past roles inevitably pushed a flawless version of the character he portrayed. As if it is rightfully made for him.

He also reveals his fascination to the vibrant character of a royal secret agent and how he traverses the meaningful storyline. Notably, the actor was grateful to suit up as a familiar hero. A man of courage who eradicates corruption in the society.

When asked about the most challenging or unique aspect of filming “Royal Secret Agent” – Kim unveils the effort he committed to his character.

He said, “The diverse action scenes and disguises of Sung Yi Gyum under different circumstances in the series were fascinating and challenging. A feat made possible by his diligence to attend action school and regular gym workout.

Kim reportedly performed 95% of the action scenes and sustained a knee injury he got in the early stages of filming. Honestly confessing he had a hard time, he still reveled on the happiness of having the project.

Working Relationship With Kwon Nara and Lee Yi Kyung

Fueling the narrative with on-point portrayals, Kim Myung Soo has only pleasant words to say with his co-stars. He shares his chemistry with Kwon Nara is evident. Thus their bright and cheerful interactions reflect on screen.

He also talked about Lee Yi Kyung’s excellent improvisation skills. “He improvised a lot while acting. It was so much fun that the staff on the set enjoyed it.
Thanks to that, I also acted spontaneously with Chun-sam in the flow.”

“We have great chemistry, and we’re so close. If there’s an NG (an outtake or blooper), it’s funny, because we know each other so well that we get it. It’s just Da-in, Chun-sam, Yi-gyeom. And they’re all kind people,” he added.

What Royal Secret Agent Means To Kim Myung Soo

Relaying his insights about the watch point of the series, Kim Myung Soo explains its message of rescuing the needy and the gratifying moments of punishing the evildoers.

He also mentioned how Royal Secret Agent guards the long-standing value of didactic morality and the characters’ vivid personalities are significantly attractive.

A drama moment that particularly left an imprint to him was the tackling of the social status in the series.

“In the face of death, there is no difference between a nobleman and a pariah. Why should the son of the great governor despise the generous people and regard their death as insignificant? There was no reason. It was just something that went deep into my heart.”

Inevitably, Kim has assimilated to Yi-gyeom’s character as the shooting progressed. Cutely quipping how he can’t put the exact percentage, but there was a point when he really became Yi-gyeom.

“How I automatically put my hands behind my back when I wear Hanbok, I sometimes think, I’m becoming Sung Yi-gyeom. Also, the way he concentrates on his assigned task seems to be like mine. Ah! There are a few things that Sung Yi-gyeom fears. Don’t miss it!”

Sung Yi-gyeom’s Charm

Challenging diverse roles, Kim Myung Soo was asked if he’s the type who expresses feelings on his face or hide it in his heart? He genuinely responded how it would be different from time to time. Sometimes the poker face works (like the one he shown while gambling), sometimes it does not work.

When inquired about the adlibs he made in Royal Secret Agent, he revealed that the first episode dance was improvised. Other than that, there were many unscripted parts of the acting in the series that he hopes to compare with the script later.

Looking back on the series, he mentioned how the scene when he disguised as a girl was satisfying and how he looked beautiful with a half updo. Also, the famous bathing in the lake scene which the audience praised came with strict diet and exercise.

“I worked out hard for about 4-5 months. I exercised twice a day for about six hours while controlling my diet.”

After the broadcast of “Royal Secret Agent” on iQiyi, the number of global fans watching the series surged. Learning about that feat made the actor feel so gratified.

“The world is going through tough times due to the Covid19, so if the Royal Secret Agent can be a satisfying and refreshing breakthrough for everyone, I think it’s an outstanding achievement.”

Describing what he thinks to be Yi-gyeom’s ultimate charm, Kim provided a realistic and sound answer. He pointed out his relaxed and easy-going side in regular scenes and his sincere face when solving the cases. “The vivid and gradual character growth is charming,” he concluded.

Part 2: Kwon Na Ra

Kwon Nara’s First Historical Series

Listing reasons on her eagerness to her latest series, Kwon Nara mentioned how her character Hong Da-in pursues her goals fervently. It fits the justice-seeking message of the storyline.

She added how reading the script made her look forward to what situations Da-in and the royal secret agent team would meet that would lead the viewers’ hearts to be comforted and empowered.

“We suffered from a hard year due to Covid-19. I thought it was a series that could give laughter, fun, and hope to all of us, so I really wanted to participate,” she said.

As her first period series, Kwon Na Ra confessed her woes in expressing her character in a friendly and attractive way. Since Hong Da-in is a character different from what she played before, she felt nervous and excited at the same time.

She asserted, “I hope you can see how the fearless youth who know nothing but go straight in an unreasonable and corrupt world would grow and change. We are looking forward to becoming a work that can show you the process of growing up like Da-in!”

Working with Kim Myung Soo & Lee Yi Kyung

When asked about her chemistry with the Royal Secret Agent male lead, Kim Myung Soo, she shared how having the same age range helped the synergy well. s

“Since I work with my age actors, our chemistry matches well, and we usually talk a lot. The more we talked, the better our acting chemistry was,” she responded.

She shared how Kim Myung-soo showed a variety of appearance from being sly to a tough figure complementing the dignity of a royal secret agent.

Meanwhile, she detailed Lee Yi Kyung’s professionalism. He played lots of pranks, but when the shooting began, he easily slipped into his character. And he’s really good at acting sly so she was constantly admiring him.

“Our chemistry was great. He’s like a vitamin in the shooting field. I’m looking forward to this work because it seems to be a good combination of a good script, sensational and pleasant acting, and a synergy created by our growing chemistry.”

On Playing Hong Da-in

Recounting her experience portraying Da-in, Kwon Nara conveyed how she’s a character who is hard to define. While she’s a figure skilled in singing and dancing, she’s a character with limitless capacity. Her childlike purity, bravery to her set goals and warm heart are drawing points of her character.

Linking Da-in’s description to what resembles to her in real life, she thought her pleasant and playful attitude fits the bill. Aside from that, her seriousness, focus and effort to be comfortable while having fun with the team.

She also disclosed a scene in the first episode left a mark on her. That is when Da-in garbed in her graceful courtesan appeal hit a nobleman threatening her that he would kill himself for her. One of her favorite lines was the one Yi-gyeom and Da-in told in the 11th episode.

“Nothing is more painful than being unable to forget.”

Kwon Na Ra said, “I think it was the most memorable to unravel the various emotions that Da-in, who looks firm, experienced. I think it contains the feelings that she has been through in her life. It seems that all the pains that she suffered melt in the lines.”

Inviting viewers to watch Royal Secret Agent on iQIYI, Kwon Na Ra asked for support about the fascinating series.

“Hi, I’m actress Kwon Nara. Royal Secret Agent where I play Hong Da-in is streaming now on iQIYI. It is a comic mystery investigation series with all the fun, attractions, and rich stories. It is a work that can bring a little bit of excitement to the viewers nowadays who have a lot of worries and concerns. Please show your love to Royal Secret Agent.”

royal secret agent

Part 3: Lee Yi Kyung

On Portraying Chun-sam

Revealing the greatest attraction of Royal Secret Agent for him is its message of “encouraging good and punishing evil”, Lee Yi Kyung remarked he enjoyed reading the script.

He described it as a comprehensive gift set with romance, crime and comedy elements which brings a refreshing excitement while solving the cases.

For his role Chun-sam, Lee felt grateful and honored to act in a historical series. He has high regard being in a period drama depicting his ancestors way of life. Playing the role of a faithful slave, he honestly confessed the hardest part was playing his role wearing straw shoes while filming during cold winter days.

He also had a hard time picking his favorite scene and gives an answer showing love to fellow actors.

“The chemistry of the three royal secret agent team members is improving day by
day, so it is hard to pick only one scene. When we three act, we are alive than the script and made somehow excessive adlibs to make the scene more interesting. If the scene contains the chemistry of three members, you can’t help but love all of the scenes.”

Chronicling his preparations for the role, he revealed gaining 10kg and painted his character in a little crude swag and slightly flippant tone. Aiming to show cute charm to gain points from the viewers, his chatty image in Royal Secret Agent is different from his real life.

“I have strong leadership when I’m with my friends, but I tend to think a lot when I talk about things because I’m a bit shy.

royal secret agent

Chameleon Actor Lee Yi Kyung

Shaping to be a bankable character actor, Lee Yi Kyung is lauded for his serious and comical roles. He was asked which he preferred and gave a sound response. He shared how working on comedy makes him crave for serious acting and vice versa.

“I think it’s a good thing to broaden my acting spectrum and challenge myself without being biased towards one role,” he added.

When asked if his comical role in the series transcends to real life, his answer is quite interesting.

“I’m usually careful and quiet. However, when I act on a character, I try to overdo it and lead the atmosphere. When acting as a comical character, it can be expressed as starting up the engine. I want to play a character that can reflect my true self someday.”

On His Bromance With Kim Myung Soo

Acknowledging the viewers rooted for his bromance with Kim Myung Soo in the series, he expressed how impressed he was with his fellow actor.

“The more I acted with actor Kim Myung-soo, the more I’m surprised. Not only does he work hard, but he is also an actor who makes the other person comfortable. He is a considerate and wonderful actor who completes the scene by keeping his role

Through his role, he also channeled a virtue he want to emphasized on while playing Chun-sam the faithful slave.

“I think loyalty is the most important thing. I think it is difficult to form a deep relationship without loyalty.”

On His Goals As An Actor

Reckoning what led him to aspire a career as an actor, Lee Yi Kyung recounted watching the drama Iris when he was doing his military service made him happy. From there, he began his journey and entered Seoul Institute of Arts.

He said, “After entering Seoul Institute of the Arts, I began to understand
acting more deeply as I entered the theater, and I am still learning by acting. I always get inspiration from my fellow actors.”

Expounding on the most difficult and satisfying aspect of being an actor, he honestly replied positive viewers’ reactions matter.

Ever the optimistic, he wants to be motivated in pushing forward.

“It seems that I haven’t felt a feeling of collapse in my acting career yet. The motivation to continue is to be positive day by day and to try to make your body accustomed to the habit of working hard in everything. I think the strength to strive for working hard will be generated like inertia while acting.

Royal Secret Agent achieved impressed following to global fans through iQIYI and Lee Yi Kyung’s hope of the historical drama being known for amazing story was definitely realized.

He left warm words to global fans who supported the series.

“Hi, I’m Lee Yi-kyung. Thank you for loving Park Chun-sam in Royal Secret Agent. As an actor, I will work hard to show you good acting and become an actor capable of repaying your love. Please continue to watch us, and please pay a lot of attention until the end of the series. I love you.”

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