Wanna One’s Yoon Ji Sung And Ong Seong Wu Share Their Bizarre Past Before Debut

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Probably all of them had to undergo a hard time before becoming a part of Wanna One.

The August 17 episode of KBS2’s program Happy Together featured five members of Wanna One; Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, Ong Seong Wu, Yoon Ji Sung, and Hwang Min Hyun.

Happy Together

During the TV show, the boys willingly shared about their past before they became part of Wanna One.

Yoon Ji Sung, who experienced the longest time of training compared to other members, mentioned the period of time when he struggled to pursue his music career: “I lived in a semi-basement for 7 years of training. I thought ‘Produce 101’ was my last chance. I had even gotten my enlistment date.”

He added: “I even saw fruit flies being hatched.”

Happy Together

Another group member, Ong Seong Wu revealed that he used to work as a fitting model before making his debut as Wanna One. According to the singer, his past job caused him to follow many weird fashion styles, which he no longer wants to remember now.

He said: “The owner of the shopping mall was clueless about fashion, and he made me wear those outfits. He also asked for weird poses. He kept telling me to spread my legs.”


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