Apink Chosen As Artists For New Fandom App “Blip”

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Ahead of the group’s tenth anniversary, Apink joins “Blip”, a new K-pop fandom application!

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Apink joins a roster of artists on the new K-pop fandom app, “Blip”, ahead of their tenth anniversary next year. Company representatives for the app explained that Apink was a fitting choice for their platform as the group has sweeping domestic popularity, backed by a strong fandom. The steady support of fans continues even after almost ten years since debuting.


Blip’s representatives stated, “Apink is already a long-lived idol with 10 years of experience in K-pop. They have achieved 50 wins in total by winning the first place in music broadcasting, even in the 10th year since their debut due to its solid fandom.”

Moreover, Apink held the largest number of solo concerts of all K-pop groups since last February, illustrating their domestic demand. Additionally, the group reached one million subscribers on YouTube in April, followed by one million followers on their Instagram account in July. Apink displays that as they approach their ten-year anniversary, their global popularity continues to soar.

Furthermore, according to Blip’s data, Apink generated a cumulative 235 million YouTube views this year. 68 million of those views were from domestic viewers, while 71% came from foreign fans. Indonesian fans accounted for the highest global views at 8.6%. Viewers from Thailand, Malaysia, America, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan followed closely behind. The data shows the group’s impressive worldwide reach.

Regarding the data, Blip stated, “They are showing their popularity which doesn’t cool down even in the tenth year after debut through successful concept transformations at each comeback. They are not only popular in Korea but also abroad.”


Through Blip, Apink’s fandom can keep up with Apink’s schedule, relevant news and tweets, as well as their data and analytics for content. Additionally, fans can enjoy fandom activities through topics and collections.

Blip, launched successfully by music startup Space Oddity, supports fandoms around the world through a convenient platform. Since launching in June, it received great support from fans, ranking first in Google Play’s lifestyle category. The app was also recently chosen by the App Store as a featured app.

Moreover, Space Oddity‘s K-Pop Radar is a fandom data observer that provides useful analytics for fans. It allows loyal supporters to see the scale and changes of their artist’s fandom in line with SNS use. The app recently announced the feature of the “#K-pop Twitter 2020 World Map”.

Fans can keep up with Apink on Blip, available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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Image Source: Blip | Space Oddity | Play M Entertainment