Davichi Achieves First Platinum Certificate For “Unspoken Words”

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Davichi exceeds the 100 million stream for “Unspoken Words” and achieve first Platinum certificate.

Female duo Davichi surpassed 100 million streams for their single “Unspoken Words”. This brought them their first Platinum certification mark certified by Gaon Chart.

Davichi Platinum Certificate

The song was released back in May 2019 and has, for a long time, kept its high ranking on major music charts. What makes this achievement even more special is the fact that the duo took part in writing the lyrics for the single.

The track expresses the pain experienced after a break-up. Davichi’s soft yet strong voices add sensibility and match well with the gentle melody.

Gaon Chart’s certifications were introduced a couple years back. There are three types: for albums, for downloads and for streaming. For each category there is a certain amount which needs to be exceeded. After that an artist will receive the certificate which matches the criteria. Only releases from January 1st 2018 and onward are eligible for it.

Davichi debuted back in 2008 with their full-length album Amaranth and the title song “Even though I hate you, I love you”. Their talent was immediately recognized and the duo was loved ever since. They continued to release hits through the years and please listeners with their powerful vocals. Some of those songs are “Days Without You”, “Two Lovers”, “Don’t Say Goodbye” and many more.

The female duo celebrated their 12-year anniversary this year in February. This certificate shows they still stand strong in the Korean music industry and is definitely a reason for another celebration.

The duo is active in various entertainment programs, both as a group and as individuals.

Source: xportsnews, Gaon chart, Official Twitter Account

Image credit: Davichi Official Twitter, Stone Music Entertainment