Fans Express Outrage Over Stage Mishaps MONSTA X Faced During iHeartRadio Festival: Here’s Why

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Frustrated and disappointed are understatements when it comes to describing how Monbebes felt after MONSTA X experienced a series of mishaps on stage.

Monbebes have broken their silence after various things went wrong upon MONSTA X going up on stage for the recently-held iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Monsta x

After a couple of mishaps happening on stage which affected the septet’s performance during the American music festival, fans made sure to speak up about how outraged they felt – as well as how much they appreciated Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M’s way of handling the situation.

The Happenings

During “Shoot Out”, the septet had to run back on stage after the song was played all of a sudden – without even allowing them the time to get on their formation for the performance. The seven boys weren’t even able to properly perform the song’s signature intro due to the mishap, much to fans’ utter disappointment.

On top of that, the audio suddenly changed to “Play It Cool” in the middle of “Shoot Out” being played – only to be reverted back to the song immediately. Half of the group noticeably stopped for a moment while dancing due to the confusion brought by the sudden song change.

Besides MONSTA X, another artist on the festival’s performer lineup who reportedly faced technical issues as well was American singer-songwriter Marren Morris.

The members looked clearly upset over the happenings, but they still continued giving their best performance especially for their fans who took the time to watch them go on stage. The Monbebes who attended the event also did their best to cheer up the boys by giving their loudest screams and best responses to each and every performance that the septet prepared.

The Previous Little Fiasco

This upsetting mishap also came a day after they first went up on the iHeartRadio stage to join Steve Aoki for a performance of their collaboration track “Play It Cool” – where they ran into technical problems again.

During his rap verse, I.M’s microphone seemed to be turned off for the live stream where thousands of fans – not just of MONSTA X but also of other artists performing for the festival – were watching the show at. However, those who were part of the live audience at the festival’s venue assured everyone that I.M’s microphone worked fine during the performance – which provided a bit of relief, at the very least.

The Reactions

This bunch of mishaps had rightfully angered fans – who expressed their frustration and disappointment on social media. Knowing the efforts that MONSTA X always puts in to deliver only the best performances every time no matter what condition they are in, Monbebes took the incident as a low blow towards the group.

They also shared their distaste over the unprofessionalism that the technical issues showed – especially for a big event like iHeartRadio Music Festival which should be well-prepared for their artists’ performances.

“Shooting before the artist is ready, mics not working, wrong song, etc. are the things that a big event shouldn’t let happen,” a fan commentedΒ , while another wrote, “iHeartRadio are seriously out here not communicating with MONSTA X and f****** up the audio, if this was done to a Western group, I bet every media outlet would be out there reporting this”.

“If we were to let this slide, they would get disrespected like this again and again,” another fan noted.

Other than airing out their disappointment, Monbebes still made sure to assure the boys that their hard work, diligence, and professionalism are much appreciated no matter what.

A Little More Background

Earlier in the year, iHeartRadio came under fire as well for the unprofessional and xenophobic treatment that another K-Pop group, TXT, faced during their Wango Tango event. Although the group did not face technical difficulties, they were thrown very disrespectful comments by photographers on the red carpet, including being asked to “pose like they’re Asian”.

Despite posing an apology, the station still received the ire of fans due to the insincerity and poor wording that their statement gave off.

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