#ThanksUNB: Fans Relay Heartfelt Gratitude To UNB As Boy Group Wraps Up Finale Concert In Japan

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“Today, tomorrow, and always — thank you, thank you. “

Almost a year since they were crowned the top nine on KBS’ Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit. Jun, Euijin, Hojung, Feeldog, Marco, Hansol, Daewon, Kijung, and Chan stood on stage for the last time as UNB at their finale concert series titled UNB Japan Final Concert ~ Thanks UNME ~. 

The boys met UNMEs in Osaka on January 25 before wrapping up their concerts in Tokyo on January 27. The concerts also marked their last performances as a boy group after 295 days since debuted on April 7 last year.

In a Twitter post on @official_UN_B, the members thanked all the fans for making January 27 a happy and memorable day. They also relayed their wish for UNMEs to remember that day as a happy day.

UNMEs also expressed their appreciation and gratitude, as well as support and promises, to Jun, Euijin, Hojung, Feeldog, Marco, Hansol, Daewon, Kijung, and Chan through Twitter using the hashtag #ThanksUNB.

From UNMEs, to UNB:

Thank you for the memories.

You’ll always be one of my most precious memories.

I will cherish this memory forever.

I’ll remember it forever.

I’ll be UNME forever.

Your happiness is our happines also.

You are the reason why I am here.

Thank you, UNB, for never giving up on your dreams and for the chance to love and support you.

UNME will love and support UNB forever.

Thank you for bringing laughter and happiness in my life.

Thank you for coming into my life.

They brought happiness and hope to countless people.

You have worked so hard. We are so proud of you.

Till we meet again.

A million times, thank you.

Let’s begin, UNB.

To Jun, Euijin, Hojung, Feeldog, Marco, Hansol, Daewon, Kijung, Chan, and UNMEs, congratulations and thank you for the precious memories of the past nine months. You’ve worked hard.

Look back on those wonderful time together here.

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