LINE FRIENDS And BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Collaborate On A New Character To Be Revealed In NEXON’s Mobile Game “KartRider Rush+”

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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo collaborates with LINE FRIENDS to create a brand new character that will be revealed in NEXON’s mobile racing game, “KartRider Rush+”!

Jisoo of the global sensation, BLACKPINK, collaborates with LINE FRIENDS to create a brand new character IP and in-game items. The creative project will be revealed through NEXON’s popular mobile racer game, “KardRider Rush+”, beginning March 19.


This collaboration between LINE FRIENDS, NEXON, and Jisoo is the first since LINE FRIENDS and NEXON concluded their strategic partnership last year in efforts to diversify the IP business of NEXON’s game, “KartRider”. The mobile version of the game, titled, “KartRider Rush+”, was first launched in May 2020. Following its reveal, the game became a viral, worldwide favorite with more than 20 million worldwide users.

The Creation Process

To create a new character for NEXON, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and LINE FRIENDS combined creativity with IP expertise. Jisoo actively participated in the whole journey. Beginning with early character sketches to the characteristics, preferences, and values of the character, Jisoo offered her creative insights in every step.


Additionally, LINE FRIENDS and Jisoo also worked on in-game items inspired by her companion animal for “KartRider Rush+”. The artist herself is a big fan of “KartRider”, and its many global players are looking forward to the collaboration.

In regards to the project, LINE FRIENDS stated, “This collaboration with Jisoo and NEXON comes especially meaningful as we were able to fully embody our unrivalled expertise in IP business and creative design as recognized in our previous collaborative work for BT21 (character IP co-created with BTS), WDZY (character IP co-created with ITZY) and TRUZ (character IP co-created with TREASURE), as well as Brawl Stars (3v3 multiplayer and battle royale mobile game developed by SUPERCELL).”

Moreover, LINE FRIENDS explained, “Going forward, we will set new grounds in the IP business through our unique set of character IP co-created with Jisoo and strengthen tie with KartRider to enhance our competitiveness in the gaming and entertainment industry-at-large.”

The initial teaser excited fans for the collaboration. From March 4 to 18, LINE FRIENDS and NEXON will release five more clips in the series, KartRider Rush+ Queen. Fans can watch the series on the LINE FRIENDS official YouTube channel. Moreover, the clips will include Jisoo’s creation process, a trivia quiz, and a “KartRider” match with a gaming influencer.

Meanwhile, fans can see the results of the collaboration on “KartRider Rush+” starting March 19.

Image, Video Source, and PR: Ketchum Korea | LINE FRIENDS

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