Soyou Shares Lee Hyori & Lee Sangsoon’s Cover Of Her Latest Single “Good Night My Love”

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Lee Hyori and Lee Sangsoon present a beautiful cover version of Soyou’s “Good Night My Love”.

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Singer Soyou’s latest song “Good Night My Love” was received well by the public for the comfort it delivers. To show their own support and love for the track, Lee Hyori and Lee Sangsoon released their own cover version.

Through her social media on March 23, Soyou shared the video of the married couple, singing her latest song. In the post, she also included a message of support for the two and expressed how much she liked their version.

The released clip showed Lee Hyori singing Soyou’s “Good Night My love” in line with Lee Sangsoon’s guitar performance. The charming and deep tone added to the sweet guitar melody stimulated the listeners’ emotions.

The two allowed music lovers to experience the beautiful piece in a new light. The video can be found on Soyou’s official Instagram here.

Soyou released the track on March 11, eight months after her last digital single “GOTTA GO”. K-pop icon Lee Hyori and musician Babylon participated in writing and composing the new track. While working on the song, the two thought it would fit Soyou well, so they gave it to her as a gift.

The song combines a warm feeling guitar and piano sound, Lee Hyori’s heartfelt lyrics and Soyou’s soft, delicate tone. The final result received praise as music that delivers healing energy to the tired people during spring.

Meanwhile, singer Soyou, who returned with the new song “Good Night My love”, plans to meet fans through various contents.

PR & Image: Starship Entertainment

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