K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “Kairos” Keeps Up Steady Tension With A Pulsing Race Against Time

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Kairos continues its thrilling premise with a suspenseful ride in the first half — all while unravelling some of the biggest and most shocking revelations from the series!

Time may be their greatest barrier. But with a leap of faith and an intact game plan, everything may turn out what they hoped for.

As Kairos reaches its middle road, an imminent danger is approaching our main leads Ae Ri and Seo Jin. But they are more determined than ever to protect their loved ones at all cost, even if by means of putting their life on the line.

Key Moments (Episodes 1-8) *Spoiler alert

Kim Seo Jin

On its premiere week, Kairos has introduced the lives of our main characters. Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), an executive from a high-powered construction company, is the youngest director ever appointed in Korea. Both competent and confident at work, he became the envy of all. Most of all, he has his supportive violinist wife Kang Hyun Chae and lovely daughter Kim Da Bin — a picture-perfect family.

Da Bin’s kidnapped

In a charity event hosted by the company, Hyun Chae performed for the sake of her husband. Although she’s losing confidence in her career, Seo Jin pushes her for the last time. Everything seems perfect for Seo Jin that night, not until their daughter Da Bin went missing.

When he finds out, he become frantic with fear and searches off to find her — but she’s nowhere to be found. Days have passed, but there are still no traces of her whereabouts. One night, they receive a finger in a box, which they suspect belongs to Da Bin.

As the police run tests, they’ve discovered the finger matches Da Bin’s DNA, and considering its state, she may be dead.

Both are devastated by the news. Hyun Chae lashes anger onto her husband for making career his priority more than their family. In deep despair, she later jumps into the Han River to end her life.

The strange phone call

Han Ae Ri is a student who works part time at a convenience store. Without anyone to rely to for their financial expenses, she’s been saving up for her sick mother’s heart transplant. Under unusual circumstances, her mother suddenly disappears in the hospital.

She realizes that she’s misplaced her phone. Strangely, after dialing her phone using her mother’s, Seo Jin answered. At first, neither of them believes their own claims.

With all the tragic things happening to Seo Jin — missing child and wife — he ignored Ae Ri. When he is about to end his life by jumping off the bridge, he receives a text message from her, saying that she saw Da Bin.

Past and Future

Tracing back the strange phone call, they’ve discovered that they are one month apart from each other! Seo Jin is living one month ahead of Ae Ri.

When he asked Ae Ri to meet him, (obviously they can’t because of their one month gap), they are unable to see each other despite being at the same place and time. Long after, they realize that they could only communicate at 10:33 PM, and the call will end exactly one minute.

One-minute frantic call

They have another chance of talking on phone again, but things heat up as they go on blaming each other. But, Seo Jin is more desperate than ever, so he tries to fit the puzzle pieces together. There may be something he’s missing. He checks the poster attached by Ae Ri, and finds it outside the café. He also notices the alteration of the date on the poster.

With that in mind, he asks Ae Ri right away the date she’s currently in. When he realizes that she’s living in August and he’s in September (one month gap), he begs for help to find his missing child.

However, Ae Ri does not believe him at all. As his last resort, he proves that they’re really in different timelines; he bombarded her with messages and even the winning lottery numbers as a proof to his claim. As clock strikes 10:33 PM, the messages gets across Ae Ri but she ignores them.

But it seems like time is testing her — she is scammed by her friend Geon Wook. All of her savings are withdrawn from her account. That very same money which should’ve been used for her mother’s treatment is now gone.

Completely hopeless about the situation she’s in, she sees a poster of the winning lottery numbers. She is stunned to realize that the numbers have matched the messages sent by Seo Jin earlier. Slowly, he’s finally earned Ae Ri’s trust, and so he promises her to find her mother and the money.

Some of its shocking plot twists so far…

Seo Jin is putting everything in line to save both his wife and daughter. Racing against time is another thing. Little does he know that they’re alive. Da Bin isn’t kidnapped and Hyun Chae is alive. To more of his surprise, Do Kyun is with them, as if nothing has happened. In short, the kidnapping is plotted all along by Taek Gyu, his personal secretary, Hyun Chae, and Do Kyun.

Another revelation that has been laid out is that Hyun Chae met Do Kyun years ago. They have had some special connection and relationship in the past. Although the reason why she ended up marrying Seo Jin was not disclosed yet, I am curious what happened back then.

While he’s desperately searching for her wife and daughter, Seo Jin keeps his promise to Ae Ri. After gathering enough evidences that his secretary was involved, he plants a location tracker onto his car. As he continues driving, he come across Ae Ri’s mom, hanged to death.

Things are really getting intense and every second is crucial to save someone’s life.

Kairos Mid-Series Afterthoughts

Thankfully, Kairos has been keeping up a great pace from its premiere episodes until its middle part. Rather than being surprised, I am amazed how it has exceeded my expectations.

First off, it has neatly depicted an intriguing and thrilling narrative. Right off the bat, the characters were introduced well. Their performances deserve a big applause! I am completely immersed with their roles.

Despite being a time-travel drama, the transitions between the two timelines are smooth, and the climactic difference between the two intervals were distinct and clear.

It has every elements that will make you deeply invested with the show — scenes that will bring you to tears, make your heart race any minute, and your mind working every single time trying to connect the dots.

Initially, I thought that if because they used the communication-across-time-card (considering that its a time-travel drama), the story will be dragged. Gladly, the tension is still there, and the flow of the story is fluid.

While it slowly exposes layers of the plot, the course is hard to predict for now. Viewers should look forward for more problems to unfold. I just hope it doesn’t falter in the middle or confuse the audience.


Now that Seo Jin is in the hands of Do Kyun — injured and unconscious, we will get to see how he will try to escape. Thankfully, the next week’s preview reveals that he’s able to call Ae Ri for help.

It’s such a good thing that Seo Jin from Ae Ri’s timeline had a change of heart, and dropped the kidnapping charges. The reason to that is still unknown, but I think its because of his momentary sense of déjà vu. And now that she has been freed, she will be able to change an event from the past to prevent Seo Jin being held captive by Do Kyun.

On the other hand, Do Kyun is moving fast and he has now obtained their texts, which means, sooner or later, he’s going to find out their secret. That only means one thing: Ae Ri will be in constant danger!

Hyun Chae’s past has also resurfaced, and we have learned that his father, whom she burned down into ashes, was alive.

Like everyone else, I think there’s some sort of deeper connection with Seo Jin and Ae Ri as to why they are able to communicate. I sense something has happened in the past involving Seo Jin and Ae Ri’s father in the construction catastrophe.

Will there be even more shocking twists and surprises than we have met here halfway?

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