K-Drama Sneak Peek: The Sweet Treats To Expect On Netflix’s “My First First Love”

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Easy to watch, My First First Love drifts to an endearing youth story frosted by moments to make you smile.

Friendship and heart-fluttering moments abound in Netflix newest offering, My First First Love. With a vibrant young cast depicting relatable youth characters, consider this series a quick weekend therapy to enjoy with friends or on your me-time.

My First First Love

Before its global launch, here are some exclusive secrets you can expect when you meet Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon and Jung Jinyoung and the rest of the cast on April 18.

The Chirpy Main Cast

Portraying Yoon Tae Oh is diligent and dashing actor Ji Soo. When he moves out from their house to live in his grandfather’s old house, what he thought to be a youthful and peaceful solitary life failed to happen.

His childhood and school friends seek shelter to his home when they have no place to go. From there, five friends begin to chase their dreams as they get used to life difficulties. Apart from that, they also begin to define the meaning of friendship, and feel the bliss of first love.

Capturing that dependable male friend, Ji Soo draws those perfect scenarios as the man who confronts the truth that his first love relationship is not with his first love.

My First First LoveMy First First Love


Inevitably, expect yourself to beam a lot while uttering “aigoo jinyoung-ah” as quick giddyish moments are inevitable owing to Jung Jinyoung, who is really proving that his acting chops are growing in a sweet rapid pace.

It is noteworthy to mention how Jung Chaeyeon deserves the drama project limelight she is getting. The DIA member brought her character to life.

Tales of Young Love

Consider you’re forewarned on the swoon-worthy moments drawn by the dashing male leads of My First First Love. Ji Soo, Jung Jinyoung, and Kang Tae Oh blend well in providing pictures of typical boy crushes – reliable, romantic and comic. Complementing the cast are endearing actresses Jung Chaeyeon, Choi Ri and Hong Ji Yoon.

My First First Love

Narrated in Tae Oh’s perspective, viewers will be gifted of charming love stories that can be enjoyed by different age groups. Nostalgic for the most part, the saccharine scenes take you back to your own memories of what it was like to have your very first love. Likewise, it is also a reminder of the love that has been there all along, but was overlooked because of friendship.

My First First Love is set to mark its global release via Netflix on April 18.

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