K-Drama Sneak Peek: “Save Me 2” Spurs Hero-Villain Showdown In Pseudo Faith Background

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OCN gives another serving of cult following themed drama in Save Me 2.

Following its predecessor, Save Me 2 takes the story of a village chosen to be a submerged area for a dam project. From that predicament, the townspeople put on a vain belief and blind faith to a religious group leader. A man who returns to his hometown questions the ludicrous faith.

Helmed by director Lee Kwon of film Door Lock, the latest OCN series is derived from animated film, The Fake, directed by Yeon Sang Ho. Rookie writer Seo Ju Yeon pens the screenplay for television, with Director Yeon working as a creative consultant.

Marking his first lead project, Uhm Tae Goo has been stringing supporting roles in the big screen such as The Great Battle, A Taxi Driver and Veteran. Veteran actor Chun Ho Jin suits up as the hero’s opponent.

The combination of mainstream actors targets another successful sequel since the first featured project in 2017. Taking the heroine of the story is versatile actress Esom who last worked on The Third Charm. Her role as Kim Young Sun depicts a forbearing nature after suffering domestic violence from her father. She has to be strong for her problematic brother. Her goal is to graduate as a nurse so she can move out, but she juggles studying and earning money. Rounding up the main cast is Kim Young Min (My Mister), who will play the role of a clergyman.

Save Me 2


Wolchuli Village

Set in a small town, the settlers of Wolchuli village face a problem and fight off the looming fate of a dam construction in their hometown. In the video preview released, the outsider villain Choi Kyung Suk is introduced. Likewise, Kim Min Chul parades his return and is doubtful of the newcomer in their town.

Taking advantage of Wolchuli village people’s woes, Choi establishes a religious group with a goal of thwarting the fate of the town. In the overlapping scenes from the video trailer, the fake faith leader urges the townspeople in exaggerated cries as Kim runs berserk in the streets aware of the knowledge that he is a hoax.

The production team lauds the actors, “We look forward to show the stories of each character with the best performance. It is realistic how ordinary people with anxiety and fear are falling into pseudo religion. We will do our best to show the real story of the fake accusers of this era through the hero who sees the foolish faith alone,” the team added.

Save Me 2 eyes airing date on may 8 via OCN.

All photos and videos from OCN.

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