Jung In Sun Feels Chemistry With Lee Jun Young Under One Roof In “Let Me Be Your Knight”

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 iQiyi’s K-series Let Me Be Your Knight unveils behind-the-scenes stories at the recent online press conference on 4 Nov 2021.

Director Ahn Ji-sook attended with main cast members, including leading actress Jung In Sun, leading actor Lee Jun Young, former Wanna One member Yoon Ji-sung, NU’EST member Kim Jong-hyun (JR), AB6IX member Kim Dong-hyun, and Jang Dong-joo.

Jung was delighted to work with five good-looking colleagues, and said: “I probably feel more chemistry with Lee, as we have more scenes together”. Lee also believed they formed a perfect pair, because “she is like a gift package that keeps on giving so many unanticipated surprises”.

Yoon Ji-sung, Kim Jong-hyun, and Kim Dong-hyun all participated in a reality competition show PRODUCE 101 Season 2 in 2017. The new series extended their past connections as one band.

Dorm life in the story reminded Yoon of his experiences in Wanna One. “I haven’t lived in a dorm for a long time,” said Yoon, “and I recall a valuable time of my life during the filming process.” In his debut performance, he would need to practice and play a drummer. Yoon also said the role was 80% similar to himself. “I laugh as much as he does, but don’t always think out loud like him.”

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Let Me Be Your Knight

With nine years in showbiz, this was also a TV series debut for Kim Jong-hyun. He said “it’s starting from scratch for me on set”, but he was grateful for support from NU’EST members. “They all have prior experiences in dramas or musicals, and I’ve received some great advice from them. We always cheer for others on their achievements, and encourage each other to recognize their efforts or performances.”

Kim Dong-hyun often took care of others in AB6IX, but he became the youngest one in the series. While he wasn’t used to acting like a spoiled kid at the beginning, he later enjoyed all the attention from the crew. He was also elected as “the most adorable one” by cast members.

Let Me Be Your Knight describes an A-list idol who suffers from sleep-walking and asks a doctor to live in the dorm for therapy. In the process, the doctor and band members create a series of lovely but intense experiences.

Jung In-sun plays In Yoon-ju, a tour guide who pretends to be a physician. By accident, she starts to live in the dorm of A-list boy band LUNA. Lee Jun-young plays the leader and main vocalist of LUNA Yoon Tae-in. Kim Jong-hyun plays bassist Lee Sin, Yoon Ji-sung as drummer Kim Yoo-chan, Kim Dong-hyun as keyboardist Woo Ga-on, and Jang Dong-joo as guitarist and sub vocalist Seo Woo-yeon.

Starting from 7 Nov 2021, Let Me Be Your Knight will update exclusively at 22:05 every Sunday on iQiyi International app or iQ.com.

PR Source: iQiyi

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