“Let Me Be Your Knight” Acquaints Viewers With Its Lead Cast Who Will Be “Living Together”

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Building up the hype, Let Me Be Your Knight has been unveiling teasers introducing viewers to its lead cast and story.

Let Me Be Your Knight narrates the story of a member of a popular idol band. Though he is known as a musical genius, he is suffering from a sleeping disorder.

A doctor agrees to secretly treat him. She enters the band’s dorm and forms fondness with the other members. As they work together to treat his disorder, the two healed together and found love.

Recently, SBS unveiled character stills of LUNA and Yun-ju flaunting their different charms.

Let Me Be Your Night

While Jung In Sun attracts attention with her bright and energetic figure, her positive energy is in contrast to the serious expressions of Lee Jun Young. Having opposing personalities would make the romance expected to happen for them more exciting to anticipate.

Accordingly, Jang Dong Joo poses a pensive mood at a book store as Kim Jong Hyun charms with his faint sweet smile. Their moods counter the forlorn-looking Yoon Ji Sung and Kim Dong Hyun.

In the quick peek of Yun-ju’s first meeting with LUNA, she struggles to keep her cool with a barrage of TMI attacks and unexplained rebellion. Spewing harsh language appears to be a basic situation as well.

Viewers can meet LUNA and their perky resident doctor on November 7 at 11:05 pm on SBS.

International fans can watch it on iQiyi.

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