Jang Dong Yoon, Krystal Jung & More Excitedly Share A Brief Prelude Of New Drama “Search”

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OCN is poised to release its fourth “Dramatic Cinema” project, Search. It takes pride in unveiling a first-of-its-kind drama on television with a cinematic quality.

On October 13, a press launch was held by the production team and casts of Search to formally introduce the highly anticipated series to the public. It is a few days ahead of its premiere on October 17.


The production team headed by Director Lee Dae Woong, and writers Go Myung Joo and Goo Mu, as well as the drama’s main actors, Jang Dong Yoon, Krystal Jung, Moon Jung-hee, Yoon Park and Lee Hyun Wook were all present in the event.

A Hybrid Of Military And Thriller Genres


Set in the demilitarized zone between the two Korean nations, Search delves into an uncanny survival story. People are mysteriously killed by an unknown extraordinary enemies. To uncover the secret behind the bewildering disappearances and murders, a specialized search party is organized.

In particular, Search is sensationally engrossing in a sense that it combines the elements of military and suspense thriller for the first time in television. Such hybrid genre is only seen previously in movie theaters. But OCN is bringing such artistic production as a weekend primetime offering at home.

The Creative Team

Director Lim Dae Woong has carved his name in the film industry as the know-how of horror and thriller movies. His brand of artistry has been the reason for the success of his horror masterpieces such as House Of The Disappeared, Horror Stories and Teacher’s Grace.

In this latest endeavor, he works with a pair of brilliant screenplay writers, Goo Mu and Go Myung Joo to conceive the concept of Search. Both writers have numerous film projects under their belts and are perched to bring their creativity in television.

Director Lim shared his thoughts about his comfort in creating short projects. “I mainly directed a film, but there is a limit of 2 hours for each film. On the other hand, a dramatic cinema mainly has 10 episodes. I think the length is appropriate.”

He goes further explaining why he accepted this dramatic cinema project. “If it is too long, the drama directing is a burden. The story is actually a 10-part work that is more expandable than a movie. And the genre that I pursued seems to have become my strength. That is why I participated in this project without saying anything.”

Embracing The Fearless Characters

During the press launch, the actors shared their sentiments about their experiences while working on the series.

Main protagonist Jang Dong Yoon said, “Because the script was fun, I think it was the biggest choice I did.”


It is worth noting that this upcoming suspenseful drama will be Jang Dong Yoon’s first lead role for this kind of genre.

Opposite him is the beautiful idol-turned-actress Krystal Jung who embraced the character of an intellectual and fearless female soldier.

Krystal Jung said, “I thought the role of a woman was a challenge.” She added, “When I read the script, I felt that it was fresh and fun, so I thought I could show you a new look.”


For Moon Jung-hee, it was all about the unique charm of the story. She said, “There was a warm drama and comedy in the military thriller. It was a challenge for me. There were a lot of actions, plus, it was a special genre.”


Yoon Park emphasized that it was about challenging his own capability. “Because the role is the opposite of who I am, I wanted to challenge it. Other dramas are also fun, but I think this one is more fun.”


Lee Hyun Wook added, “I chose this project because the material is fresh.” He said, “I think it’s a new challenge for me because I have a lot of inhuman characters.”

Lee Hyun Wook

Intensive Preparations

The actors underwent intensive physical trainings as required for their respective roles. Hence, their body transformations have taken the spotlight. When Jang Dong-yoon said that his bulk-up appearance became a hot topic, he said, “I gained some weight by eating well and exercising hard.”

Krystal Jung opened up about the fun and challenge of portraying a female military character. She said, “In the drama, I take the role of Lieutenant Son Ye-rim who seems to be a very rational person every moment.” She further explained, “She is a very calm person who always uses her brain.”

She also expressed her admiration for female soldiers. “We all trained while attending action school. There weren’t many female soldiers and people never saw them. After meeting with female soldiers, I think I needed to try my best to depict the strength they possess through the role that I will play.”

She also described the difficulties they experienced while shooting the drama. “The difficult point was that all of the members ran around in the middle of the summer with heavy helmets and firearms.”

Lee Hyun Wook added how he did his physical trainings. “Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I had to do my home training at home,” he said. “I did a lot of bare-handed exercise mainly on pull-ups and push-ups at home. The character I play was also in good shape, so I had to work harder.”


When asked about the professional relationship between the lead actors, Jang Dong Yoon humorously quipped that he was a fan of f(x), the girl group where Krystal Jung used to be part of. He also praised Krystal’s acting performance and emphasized her professionalism which made it easier to work with her.

All Set For A Satisfying Output

In the concluding part of the press conference, Director Lim was all set with confidence that Search will be able to satisfy the expectations of military drama enthusiasts. He was even asked if Search could be considered as the Korean version of Predator or R Point.

“There is something that comes to mind when you think of Predator. But I think that work is close to being an action film while R Point is a traditional horror movie.”

But he was quick to point out that both works are some of his favorites.

Finally, Jang Dong Yoon asked his fans to support this latest project as he and everyone who took part in the series have worked extremely hard to make sure that the end product will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Search is scheduled to premiere on October 17, 10:30pm (KST) via OCN.

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Image and video source: OCN