Shin Hye Sun, Infinite’s L & Lee Dong Gun Immerse On Their Roles In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Table Read

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Starring Shin Hye Sun, Kim Myung Soo & Jang Dong Gun, Angel’s Last Mission: Love will be meeting K-Drama fans in May.

KBS2 TV’s Angel’s Last Mission: Love takes the story of guardian angel Dan who has fallen to the earth. For him to return to the sky, he has to complete a mission to find true love from a cold-hearted daughter of a rich family. Her aloofness stems from losing her eyesight, disabling her dream of becoming a ballerina.

Shin Hye Sun_Angel's Last Mission: Love

Looking auspicious for its anticipated premiere, Shin Hye Sun, Kim Myung Soo and Lee Dong Gun flashed their cute smiles in the souvenir shot from their drama’s first table read. Also in attendance were fellow actors Do Ji Won, Kim Bo Mi, Kim In Kwon and more.

The scenario reading was held on March 18 at KBS annex. Attracting attention are the warm souvenir shots of the main characters who were focused on script reading.

Continuing her rise to prominence, Shin Hye Sun will transform to her ballerina role. In addition, Kim Myung Soo takes on a bright and mischievous angel character who will energize the story. Anticipating the romance Shin and Kim to create will be one of the drawing points of the series.

Rounding up the main cast are Lee Dong Gun and Kim Bo Mi. As a charismatic director of a ballet club, Lee will have a connection to the heroine. Meanwhile, Kim will play the role of a rival to Shin Hye Sun’s character.

The presence of actors Do Ji Won and Kim In Kwon could not be overlooked. An ambitious ballet director will be Do’s character while Kim connects to the angel realm like Infinite’s L.

Making the even more special was the attendance of Choi Hyun Jin. Choi is a famed modern dancer who will be in charge of the ballet choreography for One And Only Love.

For four hours, the actors immersed on their roles without any sign of weariness. It has added excitement to what’s in store on this newest KBS2 TV series due to the high interest exhibited.

Helming the drama is Director Lee Jung Sub of Healer, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 1, Queen For Seven Days and Baker King fame. It targets broadcast date on May 22 via KBS2 TV.

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