Netflix Gives Closer Look On Jung Yu Mi And Nam Joo Hyuk’s Characters In “The School Nurse Files”

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Netflix the world’s largest streaming service pulls us closer into the extraordinary world of The School Nurse Files.

In its recently released featurette, Netflix unveils exclusive glimpse on how Jung Yu Mi, Nam Joo Hyuk transformed into their unique characters; their personal views about the series as well as commentaries from Director Lee Kyung Mi herself.

Jung Yu Mi as Ahn Eun Young

The School Nurse Files presents a refreshing type of heroine – a strange, quirky one in the name of Ahn Eun-young who is destined to help others secretly.

Based on the novel of the same title by Chung Se Rang, Eun-young is the school nurse who cannot escape her fate of having to fight invisible jellies that represent remnants of human desires. She uses the unlikely combination of a toy sword and BB gun to save the school and the students from the jellies. She may have an uninteresting name, but she has exciting adventures ahead of her.

Director Lee Kyung Mi reveals that Jung Yu Mi is the top choice of the novel’s fans to play Eun-young. She is deemed perfect to play the part of an awkward but very determined female warrior; an aloof but very caring school nurse.

In the interview, Jung Yu Mi has expressed that she is also very glad to be able to play the role and to create a synergy with her eccentric character.

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Nam Joo Hyuk and Hong In Pyo

Hong In Pyo is a Classical Chinese Teacher and the grandson of the school’s owner. It is his grandfather’s dream for him to work at the school.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s character is surrounded by a safety net of positive energy.  This then enables him to heal people and recharge Eun-young’s energy to fight off the jellies.

Director Lee Kyung Mi teases that viewers will be surprised to see how Nam Joo Hyuk has portrayed a reserved but charming In Pyo. “Thanks to Nam Joo Hyuk, the audience will see what a charming character In Pyo can be,” Director Lee says while smiling in the interview.

Jung Yu Mi is also all praises for Nam Joo Hyuk. “He was very reliable and quick to adapt in different situations,” she says.

Inseparable Duo

Though they have different personalities, Ah Eun Young and Hong In Pyo are to become an inseparable duo who needs one another to succeed in saving the school from the jellies. “Eun Young lives in a world of mysterious powers where she cannot be complete without In Pyo,” Director Lee reveals.

Although both has the tendency to distance themselves from others, Eun Young and In Pyo find captivating connection in one another.

Through this series, Director Lee aims to show a heartfelt story of how two imperfect people can come together to create a new magical world for themselves and in the process become better versions of themselves.

The School Nurse Files premieres on September 25 exclusively on Netflix.

PR Source: Netflix