K-Drama Sneak Peek: :”18 Again” Whirls Us To A Romantic Comedy About Marriage, Divorce and Second Chance

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Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun embark on a whirlwind adventure as husband and wife at the brink of divorce in 18 Again.


The Plot’s Rough Sketch

Based on the plot of the American movie 17 Again, JTBC’s upcoming drama 18 Again, tells the story of a married couple who are about to get divorced when the husband suddenly transforms into his 18-year old self.

The Main Characters

Kim Ha Neul plays the role of Jung Da Jung; she is a hard working mom of two who still dreams of becoming an announcer after she raised her kids. She is married to Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun), a 37-year old ahjussi who once had a promising basketball career, but has since turned unsuccessful in whatever he does. Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun plays the 18-year old Hong Dae Young, a student who needs to hide his identity and change his name to Go Woo Young.

In the teaser released by JTBC, the couple are having dinner in a fancy restaurant when Jung Da Jung announces that she wants a divorce. Hong Dae Young then pleads while holding Da Jung’s hands to give him one more chance. Da Jung rejects him but he continues and even says “I love you”.

Da Jung persists on dismissing him but she gets shocked when she sees that her 37-year old husband has now turned into his 18-year old self. Meanwhile, everyone in the restaurant looks at her with judging eyes for dating someone young enough to be his son.

What to expect

Apart from the humorous storyline of the hero turning young again, 18 Again depicts true-to-life relationship crises that normal couples face. Deep emotions, chemistry and a realistic portrayal of relationships are to be expected from this drama which is also being directed Go Back Couple‘s Ha Byung Hoon.

Viewers are in for a treat of emotional tugs at the heart and comical jabs at the stomach as Jung Da Jung and Hong Dae Young try to resolve all their issues that keep them from being a happily married couple.

18 Again premieres on September 21 on JTBC’s 9:30PM slot.

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