Pro Tips for Buying K-Pop Albums CHEAP!

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Whether you’re a beginner or pro on being a K-Pop fan, you never know but you might be needing this ultimate guide in buying your K-pop albums!

There are usually two choices and main ways when it comes to buying an album: a Korean retailer or an American retailer. However, either way, it can get pretty pricey!

Buying from a Korean retailer means the album price is cheaper, but the shipping is more expensive. Conversely, while shipping within America is cheaper, buying from a domestic retailer means the album price is usually more expensive.

With this in mind, we think it’d be best only to use Korean retailers if you intend on buying many copies or doing a group order with other fans!

Let’s Look at an Example

As an example, we’re going to use a new album that theQoos is currently selling: TWICE’s 10th mini-album Taste of Love!

Buying ONE Album

Buying 3 Albums

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

Buying 10 Albums

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

Buying 50 Albums

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

As you can see, in the event of buying from a Korean retailer like theQoos, the unit price begins to drop with the more albums you purchase, while the unit price from an American retailer on Amazon stays the same.

So the best option to get K-Pop albums for cheap? Gathering fellow fans and organizing a group order!

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

Other Pros & Cons

Price is not the only factor you need to consider when purchasing a K-Pop album. Others include ease of purchase, delivery time, and customer service.

Buying from a Korean Retailer

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

Pros: As we saw before, the albums are inexpensive if you buy a lot of them. Also, the delivery time is considerably less as it’s coming straight from Korea.

Cons: Many sites are poorly translated or completely unavailable in English, making the ordering process difficult. They also may not provide English customer service.

Buying from an American Retailer

Tips Buying K-Pop Albums

Pros: If you’re buying just one album, it’s much cheaper. Also, the retailer can respond to customers well.

Cons: Slow delivery times. When an album comes out, it first needs to travel from Korea to the retailer before it is sent to your address.

More About theQoos Store

theQoos is still studying how to sell K-Pop albums to U.S. fans in the best possible way – including researching which artists’ albums you’ll most likely want to buy. So instead of offering a bunch of albums at one time, we will be looking at which artists are receiving the most love inside our app then we will be making adjustments as needed to make sure we’re selling them to you in the most helpful way possible!

We have offices located in both Korea and the U.S., with the Korean location being the one that will handle the receipt and delivery of the albums and the U.S. employees handling all customer service. The faster shipping of a Korean retailer + English customer service? It’s a win-win!

We also have (and will continue to have) special album discounts exclusively for all you Qoos here in the app. So make sure to be on the hunt!

Now that you know how to get the most for your money – pre-order through theQoos store at the lowest prices around!

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