“Woollim The Live 4” Begins With A Striking Duet From Rocket Punch’s Yunkyoung & Dahyun

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Woollim The Live is back with its new season 4, ready to captivate the eyes and ears with more quality covers!

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It was hinted that Woollim The Live 4 will be taking over shortly after season 3.5 ended. As of May 27, the entertaining live content videos are officially back with a new set of surprises to come our way. The first artists to set foot on the stage are Rocket Punch’s Yunkyoung and Dahyun with their flawless cover.

Woollim The Live 4

The girls picked Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s “Friends”, which they delivered in their own special way. First off, the idols drew attention with their stylish outfits, creating a chic and intense atmosphere. Then, as Yunkyoung and Dahyun began singing, they showed relaxed looks while following the rhythm.

In particular, their vocal chemistry, combined with the addictive melody, captivated the eyes and ears of viewers at once.

“Friends” is a pop song, through which the girls were able to portray a concept that they have not tried before. They expressed their excitement of this challenge and their hopes that not only their Korean fans but also overseas fans would enjoy their cover.

Woollim The Live is a high quality live video content presented by artists from Woollim Entertainment. Through them, its viewers can enjoy hidden stages that can’t be seen anywhere else. Starting from season 4, in addition to the vocal covers, the performers will also introduce dance covers. This new aspect will add to the fun and excitement of waiting for the upcoming clips.

Woollim The Live 4 will release new videos every Thursday at 8 PM KST.

Source: TopDaily, Woollim Entertainment

Image screenshot: Woollim The Live YouTube