“Woollim The Live 3.5” Showcases Beautiful Covers By Lovelyz’s Jiae, IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon & Kwon Eunbi

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Have you listened to these lovely covers that some of the Woollim girls delivered in the last week through Woollim The Live 3.5?

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Woollim The Live 3.5 has been gracing its fans with various live videos, showcasing different music styles. In the last week, the focus fell on three talented ladies, who shined with their gentle and powerful vocals.

Woollim The Live 3.5

Lovelyz’s Jiae

First off, we have Lovelyz’s Jiae, who melted hearts with her cover of Mandy Moore’s “Only Hope” on May 1. Rather than with her well-known and loved cute voice, the idol drew attention with her husky and dreamy tones.

In addition, her sad expression captured the eyes of viewers as well, maximizing the experience from the video. This was Jiae’s first time appearing on Woollim The Live and she flawlessly completed her cover challenge.

IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon

Next up on May 5, former IZ*ONE member Kim Chaewon took the stage with her rendition of BOL4’s “From The First Time You and Me”. The singer caught the eyes of viewers at once with her cute, cheerful expressions and relaxed gestures. Moreover, her cover created an explosive reaction from fans, as it is her first challenge after IZ*ONE.

Kim Chaewon, who is loved for her beautiful voice, completely reinterpreted the original song in her own style, conveying a unique charm. Also, her unique clean high notes heightened the mood of the song, stimulating spring sensibility, and aroused enthusiastic responses from music fans.

IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi

Lastly on May 8, we received a cover from another former IZ*ONE talent, Kwon Eunbi, who gave us the chance to appreciate her outstanding talent. In the released video, she appeared in a white off-shoulder dress, drawing attention with her innocent goddess visuals.

IU’s “Eight”, arranged in an acoustic version, blends with Kwon Eunbi’s deep and delicate sensibility, giving the song a different charm from the original. In particular, the artist’s soft yet powerful vocal skills attracted viewers’ eyes and ears, receiving positive reviews.

Woollim The Live 3.5 is a special live video content delivered by artists under Woollim Entertainment every Wednesday and Saturday. It aims to showcase new stages, which has not been seen anywhere else.

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Image credits: Woollim Entertainment